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2016 MLB Mock Draft: Final Mock 5 Rounds

Round 4

Posted By: Chris Ransom Last Updated: June 9, 2016

  1. Philadelphia Phillies: Cooper Johnson, C, Carmel Catholic HS (IL)

    Philadelphia grabs a catcher for depth. Cooper Johnson is the top catcher left at this point.

  2. Cincinnati Reds: Braden Webb, P, South Carolina

    Braden Webb gives the Reds another College arm to develop. Webb is the top pitcher left in the fourth round.

  3. Atlanta Braves: Sean Murphy, C, Wright State

    Atlanta grabs a developmental catcher. Sean Murphy from Wright State is the top catcher available in the fourth round.

  4. Colorado Rockies: Walker Robbins, 1B, George County HS (MS)

    Walker Robbins has a solid line drive. It's not a great line drive with a lot of batting strength. Robbins is a great value pick early in the fourth round, but he still needs to develop in other areas of his game.

  5. Milwaukee Brewers: Adam Lasky, P, Haddon Heights HS (NJ)

    Adam Lasky is expected to go in the first three rounds of the 2016 MLB Draft. Many consider him the top High School pitcher in the state of New Jersey after Jason Groome. The Brewers take Lasky here.

  6. Oakland Athletics: Ryan Zeferjahn, P, Seaman HS (KS)

    Oakland goes with a pitcher. Zeferjahn needs to adjust his mechanics, but provides fantastic value in the fourth round.

  7. Miami Marlins: Zach Linginfelter, P, Sevier County HS (TN)

    Zach Linginfelter has the upside of a #2 starter in an MLB rotation. At the same he is very raw and may take up to five years to develop unless he goes to College.

  8. San Diego Padres: Nolan Martinez, P, Culver City HS (CA)

    Nolan Martinez from Culver City High School is the top prospect left. He has a solid 93 mile per hour fastball and an average 75 mile per hour curveball. The rest of Martinez's pitches are work.

  9. Detroit Tigers: Ulysses Cantu, 3B, W.E. Boswell HS (TX)

    Ulysses Cantu had to deal with a shoulder injury in 2016. We don't know if he will play catcher, first base, or third base. He most likely projects at third baseman.

  10. Chicago White Sox: Ray Gaither, P, Coppell HS (TX)

    Ray Gaither is the number two starter in Coppell High School's rotation behind Charles King. Gaither would be a great developmental prospect for the White Sox at this point.

  11. Seattle Mariners: Thomas Hatch, P, Oklahoma State

    Thomas Hatch is only a sophomore redshirt. He went 7-2 with a 2.16 ERA in 2016. Hatch pitched 3 complete game shutouts in 2015 and has the ability to move up in my final MLB mock.

  12. Boston Red Sox: Logan Ice, C, Oregon State

    Boston drafts Logan Ice who batted .310 in 2016. Ice is the top bat left at this point in the fourth round.

  13. Arizona Diamondbacks: Nick Quintana, 2B, Arbor View HS (NV)

    Nick Quintana is one of the top high school bats. Quintana could go anywhere between rounds two and five. Right now I have him projected in the fourth round.

  14. Tampa Bay Rays: Mason Thompson, P, Round Rock HS (TX)

    Mason Thompson has a 94 mile per hour fastball. He needs to add more muscle because he's only 6-7 180 lbs despite his impressive height.

  15. Baltimore Orioles: Carlos Cortes, 2B, Lake Howell HS (FL)

    Carlos Cortes is a good developmental second baseman. If he wasn't 5-8 185 lbs he'd probably go a round earlier.

  16. Cleveland Indians: Nick Hanson, P, Prior Lake HS (MN)

    Nick Hanson of Prior Lake High School is one of the best high school arms in the state of Minnesota. Hanson had a 5-0 record with a 0.68 ERA with 11 no decisions. The 6-5 210 lb pitcher may move up boards since he has a 94 mile per hour 4-seam fastball and a 92 mile per hour 2-seam fastball. Both of his fastballs can go up to 96 miles per hour.

  17. Minnesota Twins: Dalton Feeney, P, Century HS (ND)

    Dalton Feeney went 7-1 in 11 starts with a 1.04 ERA. Feeney had one game where he pitched a perfect game with 18 strikeouts. Feeney is the only High School pitcher in this draft that has pitched a perfect game. Given that he's 6-3 200 lbs and has a 94 mile per hour 4-seam fastball and a 92 mile per hour 2-seam fastball both of which can go up to 96 miles per hour, this is a guy that can move up MLB Draft boards in my final MLB Mock.

  18. Washington Nationals: Garrett Hampson, SS, Long Beach State

    Garrett Hampson has a .302 batting average and 23 stolen bases in 2016. Hampson has plus speed, but needs to improve the power of his bat. Otherwise he will have to rely on line drives, grounders, and bunts to get on base.

  19. San Francisco Giants: Trever Morrison, SS, Oregon State

    Trever Morrison isn't that good of a bat. He's still a prospect that provides good value in the fourth round.

  20. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: Colby Woodmansee, SS, Arizona State

    Colby Woodmansee is very similar to Trever Morrison. I got Woodmansee going to the Angels one pick after Morrison.

  21. Houston Astros: Keegan Akin, P, Western Michigan

    Keegan Akin went 7-4 with a 1.82 ERA in 17 starts. His 109 innings pitched and 133 strikeouts are impressive. Akin matched Eric Lauer a first round prospect pitch for pitch.

    Akin had a 96 mile per hour 4-seam fastball, a 93 mile per hour 2-seam fastball, and an 82 mile per hour slider. Akin still needs to develop his changeup and learn how to throw a curveball. If Akin can do that he will be a great draft pick.

  22. New York Yankees: Austin Hays, RF, Jacksonville

    Austin Hayes transferred from Seminole State to Jacksonville in 2015. Hays had a .350 batting average 16 home runs and 42 RBI's in 2016. Hayes didn't do much in 2015 so that's why you have to wonder if he's a one year wonder. That's why Hays dropped to the end of the fourth round.

  23. Texas Rangers: Lake Bachar, P, Wisconsin-Whitewater

    Texas adds another pitcher. Lake Bachar is the top College arm left.

  24. New York Mets: JoJo Romero, P, Yavapai CC (JUCO)

    Last year Yavapai Community College had Brady Aiken. This year JoJo Romero is the top Community College prospect even though he slipped to the third round.

  25. Los Angeles Dodgers: Easton McGee, P, Hopkinsville HS (KY)

    Easton McGee is one of the top high school arms in the nation. Last year he weighed 6-6 190 lbs. He now weighs 6-7 220 lbs and his fastball increased from 93 miles per hour to 96 per hour.

  26. Toronto Blue Jays: Thomas Burrows, P, Alabama

    Thomas Burrows had 12 saves and a 0.91 ERA in 2016. Burrows is a great relief pitcher that you can pick up in the late fourth round. The 6-1 225 lb pitcher has a 95 mile per hour 4-seam fastball, a 92 mile per hour 2-seam fastball, and an 82 mile per hour slider. He needs to develop a third or fourth pitch and is strictly a bullpen option at this point.

  27. Kansas City Royals: Brigham Hill, P, Texas A&M

    Brigham Hill was 9-1 in 12 starts. Hill also had 11 appearances out of the bullpen. I'm projecting Hill as a long reliever in the MLB.

  28. Chicago Cubs: Connor Justus, SS, Georgia Tech

    Connor Justus was a preseason top 100 prospect. He's struggled in 2016 and that's why he slipped to this pick.

  29. Pittsburgh Pirates: Ryan Moseley, P, Texas Tech

    Ryan Moseley got off to a poor start as a starter. He moved to the bullpen and has a 5.74 ERA and a 6-4 record in 2016.

  30. St. Louis Cardinals: Aaron Civale, P, Northeastern

    Aaron Civale could be a great relief pitcher. Civale was a reliever his first two seasons before becoming the Friday Night starter at Northeastern. I see him as a pitcher out of the bullpen in the MLB.

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