MLB Power Rankings 2017 MLB Power Rankings: 30. Detroit Tigers 64-98.

2017 MLB Power Rankings

Emily Rosario Last Updated: October 2, 2017.

  1. Detroit Tigers 64-98

    Detroit traded Justin Verlander to Houston. The Tigers went 6-30 in their final 36 games without Verlander tying San Francisco for the leagues worst record.

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  2. San Francisco Giants 64-98

    San Francisco is in the same situation as Detroit. They have the leagues worst record and their rotation has only one reliable ace in Madison Bumgarner who spent most of 2017 injured.

  3. Philadelphia Phillies 66-96

    The Philadelphia Phillies had 39 wins heading into August. They ended the year with 66 wins so they found some momentum late in the year.

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  4. Chicago White Sox 67-95

    Chicago basically gave up at the 2017 MLB Trade deadline. The White Sox watched their 2015 first round pick Carson Fulmer beat Corey Kluber to end the season on Saturday so they may have a bright future.

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  5. Cincinnati Reds 68-94

    Cincinnati has one of the worst ERA's in the MLB. That's the biggest reason they finished in last place in the NL Central.

  6. New York Mets 70-92

    The New York Mets dealt with injuries at pitcher for the second season in a row. That's the biggest reason why they are ranked this low. They got Noah Syndergaard back near the end of the year so that's one bright spot.

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  7. San Diego Padres 71-91

    San Diego feels like a team that lacks any sort of identity. That may change when Gore arrives, but the bottom line is the Padres are still in quite the rebuild.

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  8. Atlanta Braves 72-90

    Atlanta has at least 7 batters who have 40 RBI's. The downside is everyone in their starting rotation has an ERA of over 4.00.

  9. Oakland Athletics 75-87

    The Athletics traded Sonny Gray to the Yankees. They haven't been the same team since even though they have a really bright future.

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  10. Pittsburgh Pirates 75-87

    Gerrit Cole, Ivan Nova, and Jameson Tailon have their moments. Overall its a very inconsistent pitching staff. Fans have lost faith in this team.

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  11. Baltimore Orioles 75-87

    The Baltimore Orioles got swept by the Cleveland Indians. After that they only won 4 of their last 19 games after once being in contention for a possible AL Wild Card spot.

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  12. Toronto Blue Jays 76-86

    Toronto began the year 3-14. Troy Tulowitzki got injured this year at shortstop too.

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  13. Miami Marlins 77-85

    The Miami Marlins have Giancarlo Stanton as the MLB's leading home run hitter. Stanton finished with 59 home runs in 2017 and carried the Marlins this season.

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  14. Seattle Mariners 78-84

    Seattle gets Felix Hernandez back on Thursday and James Paxton back on Friday. Losing them to injuries still kept Seattle from making any sort of wild card run.

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  15. Texas Rangers 78-84

    Texas had a good team last year. They have been terrible this year though and its amazing they they won 78 games.

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  16. Tampa Bay Rays 80-82

    Tampa Bay's rotation was pretty damn good for a while. Chris Archer and Alex Cobb are still effective. The other pitchers in this rotation lost that edge they had in the middle of the season which is why the Rays came in at 18. Tampa Bay is only 3.5 back of a wild card spot in the AL and is 9 games away from being eliminated in the AL East.

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  17. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim 80-82

    The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim have Mike Trout and a bunch of other quality bats. The pitching is questionable though.

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  18. Kansas City Royals 80-82

    Kansas City lost Danny Duffy to an injury. They also failed to score a single run in a three game series with the Cleveland Indians. The Royals are going to be losing a lot of their star batters from the 2015 World Series team to MLB Free Agency.

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  19. St. Louis Cardinals 83-79

    St. Louis has quality bats. The pitching has been inconsistent. St. Louis has a ton of good pitchers in Memphis that are about to get called up to the majors. If it makes you feel any better Cardinals' fans, I think you guys supplant the Cubs as NL Central Champions in 2018 when you consider that Jake Arrieta and John Lackey leave in Free Agency.

  20. Milwaukee Brewers 86-76

    Not only did the Brewers miss the 2017 MLB Playoffs. They won enough games to screw themselves out of a top 20 pick in the 2018 MLB Draft.

  21. Colorado Rockies 87-75

    The Colorado Rockies got the second wild card. Everyone knew they'd get this spot since June thanks to their strong start. Enjoy being back in the playoffs Rockies' fans since your about to lose a 1 game wild card on the road to Zack Greinke.

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  22. New York Yankees 91-71

    The New York Yankees ended 2016 on a high note. They swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field. At the same time their pitching is inconsistent and they got swept by the Oakland Athletics. This team will most likely lose a one game wild card to the Minnesota Twins.

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  23. Minnesota Twins 85-77

    Minnesota has a great future. They found their ace in Ervin Santana plus they are guaranteed a top 20 pick in the 2018 MLB Draft even though they got the second AL Wild Card. They should beat the Yankees tomorrow to make the ALDS before getting swept by the Cleveland Indians.

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  24. Arizona Diamondbacks 93-69

    Arizona has some great batters. This team may push the Dodgers to a game 5 in the NLDS if they are lucky. They still need one or two more years of experience before they make the big jump though.

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  25. Boston Red Sox 93-69

    Boston was my preseason pick to win the AL Pennant. This team has one ace in Chris Sale along with some quality batters. Houston and Cleveland just have better rotations and that will matter.

  26. Chicago Cubs 92-70

    The Cubs are the reigning World Series Champs. I picked them to repeat over Boston in March. Jon Lester has an ERA of over 4.00. John Lackey has an ERA of above 4.00 and Jake Arietta won't pitch until game 3 of the NLDS in Wrigley Field at the earliest. The writing on the wall says they won't repeat. At the same time, I'll put them in the top 5 until they are dethroned.

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  27. Washington Nationals 97-65

    Washington has a good 1-2 punch in their rotation with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strausburg. Gio Gonzalez and Tanner Roark have also stepped up this season giving the Nationals four potent I like their batting lineup as well. The Nationals have clinched the NL East too. I'm not sure I can trust Dusty Baker as a manager though. Washington began the season as the best team in the NL, but I feel like this team is still not ready to make the jump to the World Series yet.

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  28. Cleveland Indians 102-60

    I'll give our site manager Chris Ransom a lot of credit. Back in March he said the Cleveland Indians would beat the Dodgers to win the World Series. The addition of Clevenger along with their strong core of pitchers makes them the heavy favorite to win the AL once again. If Cleveland doesn't go all the way it will be due to Carasco, Salazar, Bauer or Tomlin struggling in the 2017 MLB Playoffs. Bauer and Tomlin stepped up in last years playoffs and they only pitched due to Carasco and Salazar being out.

    I still feel like this Indians VS Dodgers World Series that Chris is suggesting could happen as early as next season in 2018 with Cleveland finally winning their first World Series in 70 years. For some reason I like Houston over the Dodgers and I'll explain why next.

    If I'm Terry Francona I post Houston Astros World Series Championship rings all over the locker rooms and use that as motivation to knock off the Astros. Remember the Fresno Grizzlies, Houston's AAA team made a poster where they were going to give away Astros 2017 World Series rings earlier this season. Print out those posters put them up on the walls. Cleveland will feed off of that.

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  29. Los Angeles Dodgers 104-58

    Chris also had the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the NL Pennant in March. Los Angeles could just as easily win the NL again next season with most of their core players returning. The only Free Agents they may lose are the players they picked up at the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline.

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  30. Houston Astros 101-61

    Houston has a lot of quality bats. They finally got pitchers to compliment Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers Jr. to round out their starting five. Justin Verlander was a fantastic late season addition. Brad Peacock has emerged as a reliable starter, and Charlie Morton is playing like the asset he once was on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Unlike the Indians and Dodgers, they don't have a roster that projects as a World Series caliber team in 2018 like those two squads.

    This team needs to win it all now with the players on their roster plus it feels like the MLB hates on Cleveland a lot due to the Chief Wahoo logo. People complained about the logo being too racist during last years World Series even though the Chief Wahoo logo is very historic. Houston on the other hand provides the MLB with a new scene and location for their World Series coverage plus lots of people want Houston to win after what happened with Hurricane Harvey so the city can raise more money for Houston.

    Houston will find a way to win the 2017 World Series. They will have a war of attrition though and will probably have to beat both the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games though.

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