Draft Order MLS: 2019 MLS Draft Order Round 2: 25. New York Red Bulls (from F.C. Cincinnati (Expansion Team)): Sean Nealis, D, Hofstra, 26. San Jose Earthquakes: Sergio Rivas, M, Seattle, 27. Orlando City S.C.: Kamal Miller, D, Syracuse, 28. Colorado Rapids: Marcello Borges, D, Michigan, 29. F.C. Cincinnati (from Chicago Fire): Tommy McCabe, M, Notre Dame, 30. F.C. Cincinnati (from Toronto F.C.): Jimmy Hague, G, Michigan State, 31. Minnesota United F.C.: Hassani Dotson, M, Oregon State, 32. New York Red Bulls (from Houston Dynamo): Rece Buckmaster, D, Indiana, 33. Houston Dynamo (from New England Revolution): Andrew Samuels, D, Maryland, 34. Montreal Impact: Amar Sejdic, M, Maryland, 35. Vancouver Whitecaps: Brendan McDonough, D, Georgetown, 36. Los Angeles Galaxy: Don Tchialo, F, Oregon State, 37. F.C. Cincinnati (from Philadelphia Union): Ben Lundt, G, Akron, 38. Orlando City S.C. (from D.C. United): Tommy Madden, M, Charlotte, 39. Toronto F.C. (from F.C. Dallas) : Adam Wilson, M, Louisville, 40. LAFC: Peter-Lee Vassell, M, Harbour View F.C., 41. Real Salt Lake: Kyle Coffee, F, Washington, 42. Colorado Rapids (from Columbus Crew S.C.): Jacob Hauser-Ramsey, D, Connecticut, 43. New York City F.C.: Abdi Mohamed, M, Akron, 44. Seattle Sounders: Joel Rydstrand, M, Creighton, 45. Sporting Kansas City: Camden Ridley, M, Pacific, 46. San Jose Earthquakes (from New York Red Bulls): Mamadi Camara, M, Simon Fraser, 47. Portland Timbers: Lennart Hein, D, Saint Louis, 48. Atlanta United F.C.: Amir Bashti, F, Stanford, Round 1: 1. F.C. Cincinnati (Expansion Team): Frankie Amaya, M, UCLA, 2. San Jose Earthquakes: Siad Haji, M, Virginia Commonwealth, 3. Orlando City S.C.: Santiago Patino, M, Florida International, 4. F.C. Dallas (from Colorado Rapids): Callum Montgomery, D, Charlotte, 5. Colorado Rapids (from Chicago Fire): Andre Shinyashiki, F, Denver, 6. Toronto F.C.: Griff Dorsey, M, Indiana, 7. Minnesota United F.C.: Dayne St. Clair, G, Maryland, 8. Houston Dynamo: Sam Junqua, D, California, 9. New England Revolution: Tajon Buchanan, F, Syracuse, 10. F.C. Dallas (from Montreal Impact): John Nelson, D, North Carolina, 11. New England Revolution (from Vancouver Whitecaps): DeJuan Jones, F, Michigan State, 12. New York City F.C. (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Luis Barazza, G, Marquette, 13. F.C. Cincinnati (from Philadelphia Union): Logan Gdula, D, Wake Forest, 14. D.C. United: Akeem Ward, D, Creighton, 15. Minnesota United F.C. (from F.C. Dallas): Chase Gasper, D, Maryland, 16. F.C. Cincinnati (from LAFC): Roy Boateng, D, U.C. Davis, 17. Real Salt Lake: Sam Brown, M, Harvard, 18. Columbus Crew S.C.: J.J. Williams, F, Kentucky, 19. Los Angeles Galaxy (from New York City F.C.): Emil Cuello, M, SMU, 20. Seattle Sounders: Tucker Bone, M, Air Force, 21. Sporting Kansas City: Kamar Marriott, D, Florida Gulf Coast, 22. New York Red Bulls: Janos Loebe, M, Fordham, 23. Portland Timbers: Ryan Sierakowski, F, Michigan State, 24. Atlanta United F.C.: Anderson Asiedu, M, UCLA

2018 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 2

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 14, 2019

  1. New York Red Bulls: Sean Nealis, D, Hofstra C Grade

    The 6-4 185 lb Sean Nealis may not have been in my top fifty. He helped Hofstra record 11 shutouts in 2018. The New York Red Bulls get a C grade for finding a potential gem that could be a steal in this draft if he makes an MLS roster at some point.

  2. San Jose Earthquakes: Sergio Rivas, M, Seattle A+ Grade

    San Jose got my top ranked player with the second overall pick in Siad Haji and the twelfth best player on my board in Sergio Rivas. They were one of the biggest winners of the 2019 MLS Super Draft.

    The 5-11 170 lb Sergio Rivas had 4 goals, 11 assists, and 19 points in 20 starts this season. Rivas is one of the better playmakers in this draft with outstanding speed.

  3. Orlando City S.C.: Kamal Miller, D, Syracuse A+ Grade

    Orlando City S.C. finally drafts their center back of the future in the second round. The 6-0 185 lb Kamal Miller is one of the best center backs in the draft. Syracuse only had 5 shutouts this year, but Miller was such an effective defender on tape.

  4. Colorado Rapids: Marcello Borges, D, Michigan A+ Grade

    The 5-10 155 lb Marcello Borges is a great dribbler who knows how to use his feet. Borges helped Michigan record 7 shutouts in 2018. I had a first round grade on Marcello Borges so this is a huge steal for the Colorado Rapids.

  5. F.C. Cincinnati: Tommy McCabe, M, Notre Dame A Grade

    The 5-11 174 lb Tommy McCabe is a great defensive midfielder with the passing and vision you want. He helped Notre Dame record 9 shutouts. He has the upside to push for a starting spot, yet he also can be used as a depth player.

  6. F.C. Cincinnati: Jimmy Hague, G, Michigan State B Grade

    The 6-4 190 lb Jimmy Hague went 14-4-4 in 22 starts with a 0.66 GAA, 9 shutouts, an .840 save percentage, and 79 saves. Hague put together a great regular season, but his game versus Akron caused him to fall to the second round.

  7. Minnesota United F.C.: Hassani Dotson, M, Oregon State B Grade

    The 5-11 170 lb Hassani Dotson has outstanding speed. He also helped Oregon State record 5 shutouts as a defensive midfielder in 2018.

  8. New York Red Bulls: Rece Buckmaster, D, Indiana A+ Grade

    Rece Buckmaster has the versatility to play defensive midfielder, left back, center back, or right back. He lined up at center back at Indiana in 2018 helping the team get 12 shutouts despite having a limited size at 5-8 145 lbs.

    The New York Red Bulls already drafted two center backs. Rece Buckmaster probably moves to an outside back role in the MLS though.

  9. Houston Dynamo: Andrew Samuels, D, Maryland A+ Grade

    Houston gets Maryland's left back and team captain at 25. The 5-9 150 lb Andrew Samuels has experience at defensive midfield, left back, and right back. Samuels projects best as a left back who helped Maryland get 13 shutouts in 2018 as a team captain for Maryland.

  10. Montreal Impact: Amar Sejdic, M, Maryland A+ Grade

    Montreal drafts the top Maryland player on the board in the 5-10 168 lb Amar Sejdic. Amar Sejdic can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, or attacking midfielder. Sejdic also had 8 goals, 1 assist, and 17 points in 2018. Sejdic had a strong first day at the 2019 MLS Combine making him a top 20 player on my board.

  11. Vancouver Whitecaps: Brendan McDonough, D, Georgetown A Grade

    Vancouver drafts a defensive chess piece for their back line at 35. Brendan McDonough is a 6-2 190 lb prospect that can play either defensive midfielder or center back.

  12. Los Angeles Galaxy: Don Tchialo, F, Oregon State C Grade

    The Los Angeles Galaxy reach once again. This wasn't as bad of a reach as taking Emil Cuello in the first round. It was still a pretty big reach. The Los Angeles Galaxy are my favorite MLS team. They really struggled in the 2019 MLS Super Draft after having one of the better drafts in the 2018 MLS Super Draft.

  13. F.C. Cincinnati: Ben Lundt, G, Akron B Grade

    The 6-6 220 lb Ben Lundt had 25 goals allowed, a 1.11 Goals Against Average, 71 saves, a .740 save percentage, a 14-6-2 record, and 7 shutouts in 2018. Lundt will compete with Jimmy Hague for a goalie gig in F.C. Cincinnati.

  14. Orlando City S.C.: Tommy Madden, M, Charlotte C Grade

    The 6-2 174 lb Tommy Madden had 4 goals, 5 assists, and 13 points in 2018. Madden also played defensive midfielder and made things easier for Callum Montgomery. Madden may not be a big time prospect, but he's a better player then most people realize. I am not saying he will make it. I am saying this pick may pan out which is why I gave Orlando City S.C. a C grade.

  15. Toronto F.C.: Adam Wilson, M, Louisville F Grade

    This was clearly a reach by Toronto F.C. They get an F grade for taking Adam Wilson at 39.

  16. LAFC: Peter-Lee Vassell, M, Harbour View F.C. A Grade

    Peter-Lee Vassell is the only player from Jamacia to get drafted. He is one of two non NCAA prospects in this class. Jamacia tends to get good prospects so this pick gets an A grade.

  17. Real Salt Lake: Kyle Coffee, F, Washington C Grade

    Solid pick by Real Salt Lake. I will give this a C grade since Coffee could be a nice developmental prospect.

  18. Colorado Rapids: Jacob Hauser-Ramsey, D, Connecticut

    The 6-3 190 lb Jacob Hauser-Ramsey played center back at Connecticut. He helped Dylan Greenberg and Connecticut's defense record 7 shutouts in 2018.

  19. New York City F.C.: Abdi Mohamed, M, Akron A+ Grade

    New York City F.C. gets a midfielder who can be used as a left wing, right wing, attacking midfielder, central midfielder, box-to-box midfielder, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back. Abdi Mohamed played at Ohio State for three years before transferring to Akron where he finally stepped up defensively in 2018. The 5-10 151 lb Abdi Mohamed has a great defensive presence and he has the body to move to outside back in the MLS.

  20. Seattle Sounders: Joel Rydstrand, M, Creighton B Grade

    Seattle gets Joel Rydstrand here. The 5-9 155 lb Joel Rydstrand only had 5 assists in 2018. He still showed the ability to defend well. He could end up at left wing, attacking midfielder, right wing, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back in the MLS.

  21. Sporting Kansas City: Camden Riley, M, Pacific B Grade

    This was a better pick then their first round selection. Some have Camden Riley getting drafted ahead of his teammate Wouter Verstraaten who I have a first round grade on. This pick only gets a B grade since Wouter Verstraaten is still on the board.

  22. San Jose Earthquakes: Mamadi Camara, M, Simon Fraser A+ Grade

    The 6-3 180 lb Mamadi Camara had 9 goals, 13 assists, and 31 points in 2018. Once again San Jose loads up at midfielder. The Earthquakes got Siad Haji my best player available in the entire draft at 2, Sergio Rivas my twelfth best player at 26, and a dark horse playmaker who delivers in Mamadi Camara at 46. San Jose was my biggest winner in the 2019 MLS Super Draft.

  23. Portland Timbers: Lennart Hein, D, Saint Louis D Grade

    The 6-2 195 lb Lennart Hein only helped Saint Louis record 5 shutouts in 2018. One of those shutouts was a double overtime draw against Virginia Commonwealth where Hein kept Siad Haji, my top player in the entire 2019 MLS Super Draft in check. That's why I bumped this grade up from an F grade to a D grade.

  24. Atlanta United F.C.: Amir Bashti, F, Stanford A+ Grade

    The 5-9 150 lb offensive playmaker can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, attacking midfielder, central midfielder, playmaker, or right wing. Bashti had 7 goals, 6 assists, and 20 points in 2018. Bashti is the best player on the board for Atlanta United F.C. at 48 and would have been a way better selection then their first round pick at 24 in my honest opinion.

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