NFL Power Rankings 2020 NFL Power Rankings: 32. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-14-0, 31. New York Jets: 2-13-0, 30. Atlanta Falcons: 4-11-0, 29. Denver Broncos: 5-10-0, 28. Houston Texans: 4-11-0, 27. Cincinnati Bengals: 4-10-1, 26. Detroit Lions: 5-10-0, 25. Philadelphia Eagles: 4-10-1, 24. Carolina Panthers: 5-10-0, 23. New York Giants: 5-10-0, 22. New England Patriots: 6-9-0, 21. Dallas Cowboys: 6-9-0, 20. Washington Football Team: 6-9-0, 19. Minnesota Vikings: 6-9-0, 18. Los Angeles Chargers: 6-9-0, 17. Las Vegas Raiders: 7-8-0, 16. San Francisco 49ers: 6-9-0, 15. Arizona Cardinals: 8-7-0, 14. Los Angeles Rams: 9-6-0, 13. Chicago Bears: 8-7-0, 12. Cleveland Browns: 10-5-0, 11. Indianapolis Colts: 10-5-0, 10. Tennessee Titans: 10-5-0, 9. Baltimore Ravens: 10-5-0, 8. Miami Dolphins: 10-5-0, 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 10-5-0, 6. Seattle Seahawks: 11-4-0, 5. New Orleans Saints: 11-4-0, 4. Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-3-0, 3. Buffalo Bills: 12-3-0, 2. Green Bay Packers: 12-3-0, 1. Kansas City Chiefs: 14-1-0

2020 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: December 31, 2020.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-14-0

    Jacksonville lost thirteen in a row since defeating the Indiaanapolis Colts at home in week 1. None of their quarterbacks whether it be Gardner Minshew II, Jake Luton, or Mike Glennon have worked out. Everyone at Draft Utopia said this would be the NFL's worst team even dating back to the preseason previews where Chris Ransom and Joseph Potter were both critical of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  2. New York Jets 2-13-0

    Adam Gase is no longer the NFL's bottom bitch. That could change though if Gardner Minshew manages to outplay Mitchell Trubisky on Sunday by leading Jacksonville to an upset win over the Chicago Bears.

  3. Atlanta Falcons 4-11-0

    Atlanta fired their GM and their head coach before I posted my first NFL Power Rankings. Atlanta will have a new regime in place in 2021.

    Previous Rank 28th

  4. Denver Broncos 5-10-0

    Denver finally got a decent offensive coordinator in Pat Shurmur who compliments head coach Vic Fangio well. The problem is this team was never at 100 percent since the start of the season. Ju'Wuan James opted out at right tackle due to Covid-19, so now Denver has had issues at offensive tackle for the second year in a row. Von Miller is out for the year. Both Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay have dealt with injuries this year after being durable for most of their NFL careers. Drew Lock is 8-9 as a starter in his career going 4-1 as a rookie and 4-8 as a sophomore with Denver going 1-2 with their only win without Lock coming against the winless Jets. Drew Lock may need to defeat the Raiders in week 17 to save his job.

    Previous Rank 26th

  5. Houston Texans 4-11-0

    Thank god the Texans fired Bill O'Brien as GM and head coach. Houston has Watson at quarterback, a good offensive line group that has underperformed this season, and an extremely depleted receiving core. Outside of J.J. Watt, the rest of this defense looks expendable. Even Bernardrick McKinney and Zach Cunningham, who are both effective linebackers when healthy have allowed too many running backs to get 100 rushing yards on this defense. Houston also does not have a first or second round pick in 2021, so whoever becomes the new GM will need at least three years and two strong drafts in 2022 and 2023 to clean up Bill O'Brien's mess. Fans of the Houston Texans need to remain patient and devoted to this team.

    Previous Rank 27th

  6. Cincinnati Bengals 4-10-1

    Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon are injured. Last week, I said the Cincinnati Bengals without Burrow and Mixon are about as bad as MTV without Jackass or Beavis and Butthead. They defeated the Steelers on Monday Night Football with a third string quarterback and a third string left tackle so Cincinnati has hope. This team defeated Houston with Brandon Allen returning as the backup quarterback.

    Previous Rank 30th

  7. Detroit Lions 5-10-0

    Darrell Bevell is bringing way more energy to this team as interim head coach. They only lost to Green Bay by one score compared to the two touchdown loss they suffered when Patricia was coaching. Also Detroit only trailed by six points against the Titans heading into the fourth quarter before Tennessee ran away with that game. Detroit looked lost without Bevell against Tampa Bay due to him being on the Covid-19 list.

    Previous Rank 23rd

  8. Philadelphia Eagles 4-10-1

    Jalen Hurts is now starting for Philadelphia. The teams is responding more to Hurts calling him a natural leader. Hurts dominated against Arizona who has great cornerbacks avoiding any interceptions while posting 300 passing yards despite the loss. If Washington cannot wrap up the division this week, then Philadelphia may have a say in the NFC East. Right now, they rank twenty fourth on these rankings.

    Previous Rank 24th

  9. Carolina Panthers 5-10-0

    Carolina won three in a row after starting 0-2 which is why they were as high as thirteen in my very first power rankings. I moved them down to twenty six last week in my second power rankings update of the year because their only win since then was a shutout against Detroit when Bridgewater was on the Covid-19 reserve list. They beat the Washington Football Team thanks to Alex Smith being injured.

    Previous Rank 29th

  10. New York Giants 5-10-0

    New York swept the Washington Football Team who leads the NFC East now. New York still has a chance to win the NFC East if Daniel Jones finds a way to step up in the final two games of the regular season.

    Previous Rank 22nd

  11. New England Patriots 6-9-0

    New England isn't the same team without Tom Brady. They also had more players opt out of the season due to Covid-19 than any team in the NFL.

    Previous Rank 20th

  12. Dallas Cowboys 6-9-0

    Dallas lost both offensive tackles Tyron Smith at left tackle and right tackle La'El Collins to season ending injuries. Dak Prescott is out for the year and Andy Dalton's offensive line is about as bad s the offensive line that the Bengals had. At least Dalton got revenge on his former team.

    Previous Rank 25th

  13. Washington Football Team 6-9-0

    The Washington Football Team surprised most of the NFL with their woke victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in week 1. The Football Team is 0-4 since week 1 of the NFL Season. This defensive line is amazing. A road win over the Pittsburgh Steelers and a road win over the San Francisco 49ers with Dwayne Haskins at quarterback has the Washington Football Team in first place in the NFC East. Whoever comes out of the NFC East will lose in January.

    Previous Rank 16th

  14. Minnesota Vikings 6-9-0

    Minnesota started the year 1-5. They turned things around and improved to 6-6 and even secured the 7 seed in the NFC. That only lasted a week as this team could not execute offensively against Tampa Bay before losing again to Chicago at home as their record is now 6-8 with two games to go.

    Previous Rank 17th

  15. Los Angeles Chargers 6-9-0

    The Chargers are the best 5-9 team of all time when you consider that seven of their nine losses are by eight points or less. Justin Herbert deserves offensive rookie of the year because he became the fourth quarterback in NFL history to throw for 25 passing touchdowns with two backup offensive tackles and a backup center filling in for Mike Pouncey. Justin Herbert has just as bad of an offensive line as Joe Burrow. Herbert deserves some credit for reading progressions and getting rid of the ball quicker. He's got Keenan Allen, Mike Williams in a contract year, and Hunter Henry also in a contract year. Austin Ekehler is back from his injury at running back which helps. The guard play with left guard Forrest Lamp who is finally healthy in a contract year and Trai Turner at right guard is the only bright spot on the offensive line.

    Previous Rank 19th

  16. Las Vegas Raiders 7-8-0

    Las Vegas is back at full health offensively. Their secondary and defensive tackle play play on defense is way too inconsistent for my liking. Even if they win out, they should miss the playoffs.

    Previous Rank 15th

  17. San Francisco 49ers 6-9-0

    San Francisco made Super Bowl 54. This roster was depleted with injuries early in the season so it's hard to see San Francisco doing anything after getting dismantled by Miami. Outside of losing Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas for the year, most of the team is back at full health. This team is so desperate for good quarterback play that they signed Josh Rosen to compete with C.J. Beathard now that Mullens is injured. Also George Kittle will be back.

    Previous Rank 18th

  18. Arizona Cardinals 8-7-0

    Arizona lost to teams like Detroit, Carolina, New England, and San Francisco with C.J. Beathard as a third stringer. Even if this team gets the final wild card, they just look too inexperienced and too undisciplined to get past the wild card round of the playoffs.

    Previous Rank 14th

  19. Los Angeles Rams 9-6-0

    The Los Angeles Rams got swept by the 49ers and lost to a winless Jets team. This team lost to Seattle. Now they have to beat Arizona without Jared Goff to secure a playoff spot.

    Previous Rank 13th

  20. Chicago Bears 8-7-0

    Chicago has a defense that is good enough to get into the playoffs. Their quarterback play has gotten much better the past three weeks. This team started 5-1 before losing six games in a row. Chicago has won their last three in a row and looks like one of the hottest teams in the NFC peaking at the right time.

    Previous Rank 15th

  21. Cleveland Browns 10-5-0

    Cleveland's ten wins were against the Cincinnati Bengals, the AFC South teams, and the NFC East teams. They got swept by Baltimore. Cleveland hosts a Pittsburgh team that is resting their starters for the playoffs. Cleveland has to win this game to make the playoffs.

    Previous Rank 11th

  22. Indianapolis Colts 10-5-0

    The Colts dropped 44 points on the Las Vegas Raiders. Indianapolis is in a tight race with the Tennessee Titans for the AFC South Division. If the Colts win their division and get a rematch with Cleveland, that's the only way I can see Indianapolis or Tennessee getting past the wild card round.

    Previous Rank 10th

  23. Tennessee Titans 10-5-0

    Tennessee has a lot more holes than last years squad to make it back to the AFC Championship game. Tennesee beat a Ravens team that swept Cleveland, so I'm gonna look past the fact that Cleveland beat them since Mike Vrabel is a great coach who should be able to get the Titans one home playoff win during the wild card round. Also Tennessee handed Buffalo their first loss of the year. Ryan Tannehill has dominated with 31 passing touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 2020 even with Taylor Lewan on injured reserve. I'm not sure Tennessee wins the wild card round after their abysmal performance against Green Bay.

    Previous Rank 7th

  24. Baltimore Ravens 10-5-0

    Baltimore lost Ronnie Stanley to a season ending injury. Lamar Jackson still did enough to sweep Baker Mayfield. Lamar has earned a new contract in the offseason after the team extended Ronnie Stanley. Baltimore may go another year without winning a playoff game, but they will have a pretty big window of opportunity to contend for a Super Bowl once Lamar Jackson is extended because at that point the Ravens will have their quarterback and left tackle locked up for the long-term. They will need to figure out what to do with Mark Andrews and Orlando Brown Jr. who they also drafted in 2018 along with Lamar Jackson. Baltimore is hot to end the season. Lamar Jackson is 20-3 in games where he doesn't throw an interception, but he's 0-2 in the playoffs so far.

  25. Miami Dolphins 10-5-0

    Miami is a team that probably has the most stability in the AFC outside of Kansas City for the next two to three years. This is a young team though that has benefitted from a weak strength of schedule. They beat two of the three teams many expected them to lose to. Miami has a defense that is talented enough to help Miami win in the wild card round as long as they end up playing Tennessee or Indianapolis as the 5 seed. If Miami can defeat Buffalo and continue to defy the odds on Sunday then they will be the 5 seed in the AFC.

    Previous Rank 12th

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-5-0

    Tampa Bay has a pretty complete team on both sides of the ball, but this team is too inconsistent with their cornerback play along with Tom Brady's horrendous deep ball accuracy to get past the wild card round unless they draw the NFC East Champion. Tampa Bay is just a notch below other NFC teams, but one thing I will say about the Buccaneeers is they defeated the Green Bay Packers rather convincingly. Tom Brady VS Aaron Rodgers at the frozen tundra in January would be fun to watch regardless of who won.

    Previous Rank 8th

  27. Seattle Seahawks 11-4-0

    Seattle has enough talent to win one playoff game in Seattle assuming they win the NFC West. They don't match up well against the Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints. Seattle won their game against the Los Angeles Rams so Seattle secured the NFC West Division. They still got a shot at home field in the NFC.

  28. New Orleans Saints 11-4-0

    New Orleans is not getting to Tampa Bay unless Drew Brees comes back. Also, the Green Bay Packers beat New Orleans at full health in week 3 which is why the Saints come in at 5. Right now, the NFC Championship game is the ceiling for New Orleans even if Brees returns because going to Green Bay in January is going to be hell for a team that plays indoors like New Orleans.

  29. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-3-0

    Pittsburgh trailed 24-7 before rallying back to beat the Indianapolis Colts. Pittsburgh is capable of going all the way. Kansas City and Buffalo both look like better candidates for Super Bowl 55 than Pittsburgh at the moment.

  30. Buffalo Bills 12-3-0

    Buffalo has a complete defense and a quarterback in Josh Allen. They won against Pittsburgh, and put the Steelers in a position where they no longer have the luxury of resting their starters. Even after cutting Quinton Spain and losing right tackle Cody Ford to injured reserve when Buffalo moved Ford to left guard to replace Spain, this team is playing like the front runner to challenge Kansas City for the AFC despite their issues on the offensive line.

  31. Green Bay Packers 12-3-0

    Green Bay can get to Tampa Bay if they get the 1 seed in the NFC. This team made last years NFC Championship game before getting humiliated. I don't think they have the roster to beat a team like Kansas City because their are some holes on the defensive side of the ball even though Aaron Rodgers leads the NFL with 44 passing touchdowns in 2020. The Packers have a shot against everyone else in the AFC.

  32. Kansas City Chiefs 14-1-0

    Kansas City scored 32 points in a loss even with penalties, Mahomes underthrowing passes, and playmakers dropping balls. Kansas City has to play as sloppy as they did against the Raiders in January, in the 2021 NFL Playoffs if someone dethrones this Kansas City team from the ranks as the top team in the AFC. They had a pretty sloppy game this past Sunday against Miami where Patrick Mahomes threw 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Kansas City still won that game to improve to 12-1 on the year. They edged out the New Orleans Saints to improve to 13-1 on the year. Kansas City defeated Atlanta to secure home field in the NFC.

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