NFL Power Rankings 2017 NFL Power Rankings: 32. Cleveland Browns 0-8-0, 31. San Francisco 49ers 0-8-0, 30. Indianapolis Colts 2-6-0.

2017 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: November 2, 2017.

  1. Cleveland Browns 0-8-0

    The Cleveland Browns actually turned the corner in the 2017 NFL Draft or so we thought. Sure Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and David Njoku may be great future starters, but their quarterback situation is a bigger disaster than the Cleveland Indians collapse in the 2017 MLB Playoffs. They even tried to complete a trade for A.J. McCarron and failed at that. McCarron is a Free Agent after his rookie deal is up in 2018 so the Browns could get McCarron this March if they still think Kizer has room to develop because they are the Browns.

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  2. San Francisco 49ers 0-8-0

    Jimmy Garoppolo should win them games & keep them from getting the first pick. If John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan continue to start C.J. Beathard it's pretty obvious that the 49ers front office and coaching staff are playing drinking games instead of playing to win football games.

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  3. Indianapolis Colts 2-6-0

    Back when the Colts had Peyton Manning in his final year they sucked for Luck. Now they are sucking without Luck. To make matters worse franchise quarterback Andrew Luck joins Malik Hooker and left guard Jack Mewhort who is a Free Agent after the season are on injured reserve. Anthony Costanzo has allowed 6 sacks in 2017 through 8 games after allowing only 6.5 sacks in all 16 games in 2016 at left tackle cutting him saves the Colts $5.2-million in cap space. This team has no pass rushers or inside linebackers for their 3-4 defense that can stop the run. Both Vontae Davis and Rashaan Melvin are Free Agents after the season at cornerback even though the Colts drafted Quincy Wilson and Nate Hairston to be future corners. T.Y. Hilton has a buyout clause in his contract that saves the Colts $9-million plus Donte Moncrief the guy next to Hilton is a Free Agent too. They don't have a slot receiver. Chuck Pagano's fate is sealed as he will no longer be the Colts head coach after this offseason. It's amazing he hasn't been fired yet. This Colts team is a mess all across the board and with so many questions Chris Ballard is going to have his hands full as the General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts since the Colts will have $70-million to spend more than any other team in the NFL.

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  4. New York Giants 1-6-0

    At least the Giants got their second win this year. Their BYE WEEK!

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  5. New York Jets 3-5-0

    Josh McCown's 70.5 completion percentage only trails Alex Smith. Even though the Jets lost three in a row they had a 14-0 lead on the Patriots at home, led the Dolphins 28-14 in Miami, and led the Falcons heading into the fourth quarter. Yes the suck and are stagnant offensively, but McCown is pretty much carrying this Jets squad and if he keeps it up he may save Todd Bowles job and get a one year extension while the Jets try to tank for Sam Darnold in 2018 assuming McCown regresses. The point is the Jets are playing a lot better than their record indicates.

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  6. Miami Dolphins 4-3-0

    Shutout twice so far this year and one play away from being shutout three times this year. One more could happen this year when you consider that Tannehill is on injured reserve, Ajayi is on the Eagles, and the ineffective Matt Moore is finally getting exposed with Jay Cutler injured after Moore showed he was a serviceable backup in 2016. It's amazing this team has a winning record after their coordinator got fired for snorting coke. They may end the year 4-12 riding a 9 game losing streak heading into the offseason which is my big reason for ranking them so low.

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  7. Detroit Lions 3-4-0

    Detroit was 3-1 and should have began the year 4-0. This team is riding a three game losing streak heading into Lambeau Field. The good news is they don't have to worry about Aaron Rodgers.

    Previous Rank 17th

  8. Arizona Cardinals 3-4-0

    No Carson Palmer. No David Johnson. Larry Fitzgerald next?

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  9. Chicago Bears 3-5-0

    Chicago is the bottom feeder in the NFC North. Even without Aaron Rodgers this is still the worst team in the NFC North division.

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  10. Denver Broncos 3-4-0

    The D will have to carry this team all year.

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  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-5-0

    When the offense is good THE D STINKS & when the D actually decides to play THE OFFENSE STINKS. It's basically a no win situation.

    Previous Rank 12th

  12. Cincinnati Bengals 3-4-0

    Cincinnati began the year 0-3. The Bengals were 3-1 in October. November will reveal a lot about the Bengals.

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  13. Los Angeles Chargers 3-5-0

    The Chargers have been winning ever since I joked about San Diego getting the Chargers back. Then they played the Patriots. The good news is their roster is completely healthy.

    Previous Rank 27th

  14. Houston Texans 3-4-0

    Watson probably has them in the playoffs next year.

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  15. Baltimore Ravens 4-4-0

    This team must be bipolar because you don't know who shows up.

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  16. Tennessee Titans 4-3-0

    The Titans have enough talent in place to win the AFC South and was my preseason pick to come out of this division. At the same time, their front 7 hasn't been as consistent as Jacksonville.

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  17. Oakland Raiders 3-5-0

    Taking yet another step back. Look like the rebuilding Raiders again. They beat the Titans in Tennessee in week 1 and that's the only reason they cracked the top 16. The scary thing is their the sixth best team in the AFC as we're just over halfway through these rankings. They won't go anywhere in January if they manage to sneak in. Right now they just need to avoid becoming the rebuilding Raiders.

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  18. Washington Redskins 3-4-0

    Washington has dealt with injuries all year. They lost Josh Norman for a few weeks. Trent Williams and Jordan Reed are also dealing with injuries. I still believe this is a top 15 team at the moment. They will move down next week with a loss to Seattle.

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  19. Buffalo Bills 5-2-0

    Buffalo traded all their assets for draft picks. They beat a 2-0 Denver team and followed that up with wins over a 3-0 Atlanta team that resides at 4-3, Tampa Bay, and Oakland. As crazy as it sounds Buffalo may end up with one of those two wild card spots in the AFC if they keep taking care of business.

    Previous Rank 20th

  20. Green Bay Packers 4-3-0

    Once upon a time, Green Bay was my pick to win the NFC. Then Aaron Rodgers went down when he broke his collarbone.

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  21. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-3-0

    With the total number of sacks Jacksonville has now Tampa Bay will probably end up with that total at the end of the year because our line STINKS! Jacksonville on the other hand has the front 7 and secondary to disable Buffalo's offense and knock them out if they meet in a wild card game.

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  22. Carolina Panthers 5-3-0

    Roberto Aguayo could've beat Tampa Bay by himself with the way Tampa Bay played if they would've put him in there. THATS PRETTY SAD!

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  23. Atlanta Falcons 4-3-0

    Carolina, Atlanta, and New Orleans could all go 10-6. This pains me to admit this as a Buccaneers fan. Atlanta was #1 when I last updated these power rankings at the end of September which is pretty sad.

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  24. New Orleans Saints 5-2-0

    New Orleans is in the driver seat to win the NFC South. I'm not sure their defense holds up against other offensive powerhouse teams in the NFC though.

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  25. Dallas Cowboys 4-3-0

    Dallas will be tested without Ezekiel Elliott for the next six games. If they get the final wild card they could go on a run though.

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  26. Minnesota Vikings 6-2-0

    When you play in a division with Mitchell Trubisky, Aaron Rodgers injured, and Detroit being 3-4 even though they beat you in head to head play, you're gonna go places. That doesn't make them a Super Bowl contender, but this great defense may be able to get the Vikings to the Divisional Round if they end up being battle tested by a Dallas Cowboys squad in the wild card game.

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  27. Los Angeles Rams 5-2-0

    Team has made a complete turnaround from last year. This team is averaging 30.3 points per game which is second best in the NFL at the moment. The Rams can get to the Divisional Round and beat the Saints if they play them in a wild card game since their defense is better.

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  28. Kansas City Chiefs 6-2-0

    Kansas City just doesn't seem like a team with the tools to reach the AFC Championship. New England or Pittsburgh always seems to get in the way or at least it's been that way the past two years.

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  29. Seattle Seahawks 5-2-0

    If the offense plays the way it did sunday the NFC is in trouble. They finally have a legit left tackle in Duane Brown and with their toughest NFC West game out of the way Seattle will steamroll teams. Their Sunday Night game versus Philadelphia in a few weeks probably determines who gets home field in the NFC.

    Previous Rank 14th

  30. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2-0

    If the D starts playing like it used to they could make a run. This Steelers team looks like they are built to contend in both 2017 and 2018 since all 22 starters are back next season. Them contending in 2018 hinges on Ben Roethlisberger not retiring though.

    Previous Rank 4th

  31. New England Patriots 6-2-0

    Even without D'Onta Hightower and Julian Edelman for the rest of the year this is still the team to beat in the AFC at the moment. One thing I've learned is to never count out the Patriots. This team will remain lethal as long as Belichick and Brady set the foundation.

    Previous Rank 3rd

  32. Philadelphia Eagles 7-1-0

    They look like they might be for real. Possible Super Bowl Champion? We'll see. They certainly have a window of opportunity to do something special in 2017 and possibly 2018.

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