NFL Power Rankings 2020 NFL Power Rankings: 32. New York Jets: 0-5-0, 31. New York Giants: 0-5-0, 30. Atlanta Falcons: 0-5-0, 29. Washington Football Team: 1-4-0, 28. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-4-0, 27. Cincinnati Bengals: 1-3-1, 26. Denver Broncos: 1-3-0, 25. Detroit Lions: 1-3-0, 24. Houston Texans: 1-4-0, 23. Minnesota Vikings: 1-4-0, 22. Los Angeles Chargers: 1-4-0, 21. Miami Dolphins: 2-3-0, 20. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-3-1, 19. Dallas Cowboys: 2-3-0, 18. San Francisco 49ers: 2-3-0, 17. Arizona Cardinals: 3-2-0, 16. Las Vegas Raiders: 3-2-0, 15. New England Patriots: 2-2-0, 14. Indianapolis Colts: 3-2-0, 13. Carolina Panthers: 3-2-0, 12. New Orleans Saints: 3-2-0, 11. Cleveland Browns: 4-1-0, 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-2-0, 9. Chicago Bears: 4-1-0, 8. Los Angeles Rams: 4-1-0, 7. Buffalo Bills: 4-1-0, 6. Tennessee Titans: 4-0-0, 5. Pittsburgh Steelers: 4-0-0, 4. Baltimore Ravens: 4-1-0, 3. Kansas City Chiefs: 4-1-0, 2. Green Bay Packers: 4-0-0, 1. Seattle Seahawks: 5-0-0

2020 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: October 16, 2020.

  1. New York Jets 0-5-0

    Sam Darnold is out for the New York Jets once again. Of the winless teams, this team has the best shot of being 0-6. Adam Gase somehow still has a job and that's amazing.

  2. New York Giants 0-5-0

    Daniel Jones has turnovers in 17 of his 18 starts. If he avoided that fumble that Anthony Brown recovered, he may have broke this streak. He didn't do that and the Giants lost to a Dallas Cowboys team with injuries at both offensive tackle spots, center, as well as a team led by backup Andy Dalton. They get the Washington Football Team at home this week and nobody knows who will start at quarterback for the Football Team yet, so that may work in New York's favor.

  3. Atlanta Falcons 0-5-0

    Atlanta fired their GM and their head coach. This team isn't opposed to drafting Trevor Lawrence who went to Cartersville High School in Georgia where he broke Deshaun Watson's high school records before enrolling into Clemson. Even though Atlanta fired their GM and head coach, they still have more talent than both the Jets or the Giants.

  4. Washington Football Team 1-4-0

    The Washington Football Team surprised most of the NFL with their woke victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in week 1. The Football Team is 0-4 since week 1 of the NFL Season. Now this team is playing musical chairs with quarterbacks Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, and Alex Smith. At this rate, the Washington Football Team may summon Steve Montez from the practice squad if they continue to rotate quarterbacks in their lineup.

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4-0

    Like the Washington Football Team, Jacksonville won on opening day. They have lost four in a row since. Most preseason mock drafts had Jacksonville and Washington in their top 2. Now these teams will round out their top 5.

  6. Cincinnati Bengals 1-3-1

    Joe Burrow is the one bright spot that Cincinnati has. Joe Mixon's fantasy production has plummeted since Cincinnati chose to pay him rather than leveraging Mixon into playing for a new contract with a strong running back class in the 2021 NFL Draft. If this team doesn't fix their woes on the offensive line this offseason, Joe Burrow will turn into Joe Swanson on Family Guy and nobody wants that. Get the 2019 Heisman Trophy Winner and first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft some damn protection this offseason.

  7. Denver Broncos 1-3-0

    Denver finally got a decent offensive coordinator in Pat Shurmur who compliments head coach Vic Fangio well. The problem is this team was never at 100 percent since the start of the season. Ju'Wuan James opted out at right tackle due to Covid-19, so now Denver has had issues at offensive tackle for the second year in a row. Drew Lock got injured. Von Miller is out for the year. Both Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay have dealt with injuries this year after being durable for most of their NFL careers. Denver is a bottom 10 team in the league right now until this team gets completely healthy.

  8. Detroit Lions 1-3-0

    The good news is Detroit got the hardest part of their schedule out of the way before the bye week. Their toughest road opponent is Minnesota or Chicago depending on which defense you like more with their toughest home opponent being Green Bay. This team was fully healthy against New Orleans and still blew a 14-3 lead with both of the Saints two best cornerbacks injured. If this team continues to struggle, head coach Matt Patricia will have to pack his bags.

  9. Houston Texans 1-4-0

    Houston is undefeated with Romeo Crennell. It's too early to say if Crennell gets a second chance as head coach with the Texans. Thank god the Texans fired Bill O'Brien as GM and head coach. Houston has Watson at quarterback, a good offensive line group that has underperformed this season, and a potent offense minus DeAndre Hopkins. Outside of J.J. Watt, the rest of this defense looks expendable. Even Bernardrick McKinney and Zach Cunningham, who are both effective linebackers when healthy have allowed too many running backs to get 100 rushing yards on this defense. Houston also does not have a first or second round pick in 2021, so whoever becomes the new GM will need at least three years and two strong drafts in 2022 and 2023 to clean up Bill O'Brien's mess. Fans of the Houston Texans need to remain patient and devoted to this team.

  10. Minnesota Vikings 1-4-0

    Minnesota's only win of this season was a road win against the Houston Texans in week 4. They held Seattle to 0 third down conversions despite losing 27-26. Minnesota is better than their record indicates and with a home game against the Atlanta Falcons, there are zero excuses for this team to be 1-5.

  11. Los Angeles Chargers 1-4-0

    The Chargers are the best 1-4 team and the Chargers had leads over Kansas City and New Orleans heading into the fourth quarter even with two backup offensive tackles and a backup center filling in for Mike Pouncey. Justin Herbert has just as bad of an offensive line as Joe Burrow. Herbert deserves some credit for reading progressions and getting rid of the ball quicker. He's got Keenan Allen, Mike Williams in a contract year, and Hunter Henry also in a contract year. Austin Ekehler got injured and the rookie out of Oregon has to deal with a tandem of Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelley in the backfield. The guard play with left guard Forrest Lamp who is finally healthy in a contract year and Trai Turner at right guard is the only bright spot on the offensive line.

  12. Miami Dolphins 2-3-0

    Miami is not a team that I see making the playoffs until Tua starts and this team gets more depth players on both sides of the ball to help Tua. At the same time, Miami's offensive line and defense is good enough to help Miami win 7 or 8 games even with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brian Flores is the right man to lead this team, and replacing Chad O'Shea with Chan Gailey has worked.

  13. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3-1

    Carson Wentz is healthy. Without a good supporting cast with injuries at offensive tackle and wide receiver, Wentz is one of the leagues worst quarterbacks currently leading the NFL with 9 interceptions.

  14. Dallas Cowboys 2-3-0

    Dallas lost both offensive tackles Tyron Smith at left tackle and right tackle La'El Collins to season ending injuries. Dak Prescott is out for the year and Andy Dalton's offensive line is about as bad s the offensive line that the Bengals had. Whoever prevails in the NFC East, NFC Least for this season will be one-and-done in January.

  15. San Francisco 49ers 2-3-0

    San Francisco made Super Bowl 54. This roster was depleted with injuries early in the season so it's hard to see San Francisco doing anything after getting dismantled by Miami. The offense is now back at full health despite the defensive injuries. Outside of losing Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas for the year, most of the team is back at full health.

  16. Arizona Cardinals 3-2-0

    Arizona lost to Detroit at home and Carolina on the road. They defeated San Francisco in week 1 in San Francisco. This team has enough talent to push for a wild card in the NFC. I'm not sure they have the experience to do much damage if they make the playoffs. Right now they aren't playing disciplined enough to even make it to January and they still got to deal with the NFC West outside of San Francisco.

  17. Las Vegas Raiders 3-2-0

    You can make an argument that Las Vegas should be in the top 10 with all five of their opponents being teams with .500 records or better. Yes Las Vegas is back at full health offensively, which will make them lethal moving forward. What's my objection to ranking the Raiders at 16? Kansas City lost that game with Mahomes underthrowing receivers, their playmakers droppoing passes, and peanlties on Kansas City negating two touchdowns which would have led to Kansas City being 5-0 if it wasn't for the officials. Las Vegas handed the Chiefs their first loss of the year, but this was not a convincing win by the Raiders as much as it was a sloppy loss by the Chiefs.

  18. New England Patriots 2-2-0

    New England isn't the same team without Tom Brady. They also had more players opt out of the season due to Covid-19 than any team in the NFL.

  19. Indianapolis Colts 3-2-0

    The Colts lost to Cleveland. The sad thing is, the Colts would still be my front runner for the 7 seed in the AFC at this point. Good enough to play in the wild card round. Will probably lose to the 2 seed in the AFC.

  20. Carolina Panthers 3-2-0

    Carolina is playing like a playoff team despite not having Christian McCaffrey. Teddy Bridgewater is balling out even with one of the leagues worst offensive lines. Carolina has not faced Tampa Bay or New Orleans, yet so I expect them to be exposed.

  21. New Orleans Saints 3-2-0

    New Orleans has had injuries since week 2. New Orleans is declining offensively in terms of production. Injuries at cornerback to Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins early in the season made this secondary suspect. Even though this group kept Justin Herbert to under 300 passing yards, he played smart and avoided turnovers.

  22. Cleveland Browns 4-1-0

    Cleveland has won four in a row since the season opener where Baltimore picked them apart. It will be just like that when Cleveland goes to Heinz Field on Sunday. Cleveland may get a wild card due to an overwhelmingly easy strength of schedule. This team is not experienced enough to win a playoff game in January though which is why the Browns come in at 11.

  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2-0

    Tampa Bay has been the most consistent NFC South team in my opinion. Having Tom Brady as well as home field in the rematch with the New Orleans Saints is why I believe Tampa Bay is the front runner in this division. The Buccaneers are loaded with weapons. Great linebackers as well as Carlton Davis continuing to play at a high level showing flashes of a young Ronde Barber. The problem is Arians is limiting what Gronkowski can do by using him as a blocker. Brady isn't as disciplined as he was in New England. Tampa Bay only faced two teams with winning records and lost both games. Cleveland beat the Cowboys at full health until Nick Chubb's injury in Dallas.

  24. Chicago Bears 4-1-0

    Chicago has a defense that is good enough to beat any NFC South Team because right now the NFC South winner appears to be a lock for the 3 seed while the Chicago Bears are the front runner to be the second wild card in the NFC. Carolina does not have Christian McCaffrey, New Orleans has been too inconsistent for my liking, and Foles beat Brady again. As long as Chicago does not draw Green Bay, Seattle, or Los Angeles I like their odds against any team in the NFC as long as they stay healthy.

  25. Los Angeles Rams 4-1-0

    The Los Angeles Rams have an offense that can keep up with any NFC team. This offense is just as lethal as they were two years ago as Sean McVay's decision making in terms of running the football with the lead while being more spontaneous as a head coach has improved. Aaron Donald is playing like he did two years ago when he won defensive player of the year. This teams only loss is to Buffalo in a game where Buffalo nearly blew a 28-3 lead. Los Angeles has the easiest strength of schedule in the NFC West simply due to missing the playoffs last year. This team has enough offense to get back to the divisional round of the NFC Playoffs.

  26. Buffalo Bills 4-1-0

    Buffalo has one area of need at 4-3 right outside linebacker as an improvement over A.J. Klein is needed. Josh Allen is carrying this team. The running game isn't as strong as it was a year ago when the Bills made the playoffs. Their defense isn't as hungry, they aren't as motivated. Buffalo was a team that most pundits expected to start 4-0 before losing their first game to Tennessee. The way Allen played early had people pegging Buffalo as a dark horse team for the Super Bowl. Buffalo may win a playoff game in January, but right now they look like the strongest team in a really weak AFC East Division. It's evident that they are a notch below Kansas City, Baltimore, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh.

  27. Tennessee Titans 4-0-0

    Tennessee got Taylor Lewan and A.J. Brown back at full health after nearly going two weeks without playing or practicing. They dismantled Buffalo. As long as the Titans avoid the Chiefs, Ravens, or Steelers, they are a shoe in to win the wild card game after taking people by storm and reaching the 2020 AFC Championship game. Jadeveon Clowney and Harold Landry are blitzing off the edge.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-0-0

    Pittsburgh has their first 4-0 start since the 1978 and 1979 seasons when they won back-to-back Super Bowl teams. This is Pittsburgh's most complete team on both sides of the ball since the teams that were in Super Bowl 40, 43, and 45. Everyone on Pittsburgh is healthy after DeCastro missed time early in the season. Tyson Alualu has done well at nose tackle as has Terrell Edmunds at free safety. Honestly, you can make a case for Pittsburgh being in the same class as Kansas City and Baltimore as a front runner to win the AFC. The objection that is keeping me from moving the Steelers to the top of the AFC, is they have an easy strength of schedule early in the year. A road win against the New York Giants and three home wins at Heinz Field where you're expected to win does not wow me. Pittsburgh will be tested by a Cleveland team that has two number one targets along with a top 15 tight end in Austin Hooper. After that, Pittsburgh gets road contests against the Tennessee Titans and the Balitmore Ravens and those games will really test Pittsburgh.

  29. Baltimore Ravens 4-1-0

    Baltimore had home field a year ago at 14-2. Outside of Kansas City, you could argue that right now this is still the most complete team in the AFC. The AFC has four dominant teams on both sides of the ball with Kansas City, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee. Baltimore is no lock to return to the AFC Championship, but right now their the biggest threat to Kansas City.

  30. Kansas City Chiefs 4-1-0

    Kansas City scored 32 points in a loss even with penalties, Mahomes underthrowing passes, and playmakers dropping balls. Kansas City has to play as sloppy as they did against the Raiders in January, in the 2021 NFL Playoffs if someone dethrones this Kansas City team from the ranks as the top team in the AFC.

  31. Green Bay Packers 4-0-0

    Green Bay has two statement road wins against Minnesota and New Orleans. Aaron Rodgers faces Tom Brady in Tampa Bay on the roadafter a bye week. Tom Brady has had ten days to prepare for Green Bay while Seattle is on a bye week. A third big win road win by Green Bay would make the Packers a team with a case for the NFL's top team. The way Green Bay is playing right now leads me to believe, they are one of two teams in the NFL that has a shot to keep Kansas City from repeating.

  32. Seattle Seahawks 5-0-0

    Seattle is the NFL's only 5-0 team. They weren't able to get a third down conversion last Sunday and still won. Seattle will have a bye week in week 6 and will still be undefeated heading into week 7.

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