NFL Week 12 Picks 2020 NFL Predictions Week 12: Houston Texans 0-0-0 VS Detroit Lions 0-0-0, Washington Football Team 0-0-0 VS Dallas Cowboys 0-0-0, Baltimore Ravens 0-0-0 VS Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0-0 Miami Dolphins 0-0-0 VS New York Jets 0-0-0, Arizona Cardinals 0-0-0 VS New England Patriots 0-0-0, Carolina Panthers 0-0-0 VS Minnesota Vikings 0-0-0, Cleveland Browns 0-0-0 VS Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0-0, Tennessee Titans 0-0-0 VS Indianapolis Colts 0-0-0, New York Giants 0-0-0 VS Cincinnati Bengals 0-0-0, Los Angeles Chargers 0-0-0 VS Buffalo Bills 0-0-0, Las Vegas Raiders 0-0-0 VS Atlanta Falcons 0-0-0, San Francisco 49ers 0-0-0 VS Los Angeles Rams 0-0-0, New Orleans Saints 0-0-0 VS Denver Broncos 0-0-0, Kansas City Chiefs 0-0-0 VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0-0, Chicago Bears 0-0-0 VS Green Bay Packers 0-0-0, Seattle Seahawks 0-0-0 VS Philadelphia Eagles 0-0-0

2020 NFL Week 12 Predictions

Baltimore heads to Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving. Find out who we like in that game.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: November 24, 2020.

Houston Texans 0-0-0
Detroit Lions 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

We're back for the 2020 NFL Season. You can follow our weekly predictions crew. Jesse Lucas won the first year in 2014-2015. Jason Bantle won the second year in 2015-2016 before winning again last year. I won the third year in 2016-2017. Oren Shiri won the fourth year in 2017-2018. Tanya Holmes won two years ago. Send me your predictions on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to be eligible for prizes should you have a perfect week.

Why the Houston Texans Will Win:

Why the Detroit Lions Will Win:


Final Score Texans 30 Lions 28

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Washington Football Team 0-0-0
Dallas Cowboys 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

The Dallas Cowboys are now 41-28 under Bill Lumbergh. Lumbergh enters year six as the Dallas Cowboys GM with a 1-2 record in the Playoffs after winning a playoff game in his first year as a GM. If Lumbergh can't right the ship, I'm open to making a new ficitional character the Cowboys GM.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

Hey Dak Prescott. What's happening? If you can beat the Dolphins and cause Miami to go 0-3 that would be great.

Why the Washington Football Team Will Win:

Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Win:


Final Score Cowboys 28 Football Team 17

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Baltimore Ravens 0-0-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Draft Utopia airs on Talkshoe and Anchor now. We have a weekly show on Anchor that airs weekdays as well as our usual weekend show on Talkshoe. The Draft Utopia podcast just exceeded 220,900 listeners on Talkshoe while our podcast on Anchor is monetized.

Why the Baltimore Ravens Will Win:

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers Will Win:


Final Score Steelers 30 Ravens 24 OT

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Miami Dolphins 0-0-0
New York Jets 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I posted a film cut of Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins. Higgins did okay versus Texas A&M.

Why the Miami Dolphins Will Win:

Why the New York Jets Will Win:


Final Score Jets 30 Dolphins 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Arizona Cardinals 0-0-0
New England Patriots 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

@CockyBelichick is my favorite Twitter user of all time. His twitter feed is that epic. He always inserts the #kisstherings hashtag and it is badass. I'm going to post his 5 best tweets on our site every week like David Letterman does with his top 10 jokes until the owner of this twitter feed requests I take them down because his tweets are that epic. Let's start with the top 5 Tweets from week 3 in the NFL.

Minkah Fitzpatrick may fix the secondary immediately. He will not fix Pittsburgh's draft position.

Pittsburgh gave Miami a 2020 first round pick. That is now three first round picks for Miami.

Pittsburgh has made a lot of questionable moves. You can argue Mike Tomlin has overstayed his welcome too.

New England does not face either team until week 13. I think they get both the Ravens and Chiefs in back-to-back weeks.

I'm not sure the Patriots can get Joe Thomas. New England will not have Isaiah Wynn at left tackle. We may not have right tackle Marcus Cannon either.

Why the Arizona Cardinals Will Win:

Why the New England Patriots Will Win:


Final Score Patriots 28 Cardinals 27

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Carolina Panthers 0-0-0
Minnesota Vikings 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

You can go to Fanpicks and enter the Promo Code draftutopia to win $20 dollars. We also have a Draft Kings advertisement on our home page so you can go there to sign up for Fantasy Football as well.

Why the Carolina Panthers Will Win:

Why the Minnesota Vikings Will Win:


Final Score Vikings 27 Panthers 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Cleveland Browns 0-0-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

You can check out US Football Tips our newest partner with us at Draft Utopia. Feel free to compare our point spreads to theirs.

Why the Cleveland Browns Will Win:

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Will Win:


Final Score Jaguars 21 Browns 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Tennessee Titans 0-0-0
Indianapolis Colts 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I've been uploading film to our Youtube Channel for the 2020 NFL Draft. We're even incorporating that film into our mock drafts. If you do film cut ups, add me on Twitter @DraftUtopia and message me. I'm also posting full College Games On Bitchute.

Why the Tennessee Titans Will Win:

Why the Indianapolis Colts Will Win:


Final Score Colts 31 Titans 30

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

New York Giants 0-0-0
Cincinnati Bengals 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

We just updated our board on Fanspeak. Check out our monthly updates on Fanspeak for more awesome content.

Why the New York Giants Will Win:

Why the Cincinnati Bengals Will Win:


Final Score Bengals 31 Giants 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Los Angeles Chargers 0-0-0
Buffalo Bills 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I posted my first 2021 NFL Mock Draft and this one is two rounds.

Why the Los Angeles Chargers Will Win:

Why the Buffalo Bills Will Win:


Final Score Chargers 20 Bills 19

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Las Vegas Raiders 0-0-0
Atlanta Falcons 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I may make a 2021 NFL Draft Game at some point in the future. I am doing a lot of re-coding with content as well as film cuts for our site and our Youtube channel.

Why the Las Vegas Raiders Will Win:

Why the Atlanta Falcons Will Win:


Final Score Falcons 28 Raiders 21

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

San Francisco 49ers 0-0-0
Los Angeles Rams 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Check out Rams Showcase hosted by Joe Branham on Spreaker. Tonight they preview the Rams VS Browns game. Here is an archive of their other episodes.

Listen to "Rams Showcase" on Spreaker.

Why the San Francisco 49ers Will Win:

Why the Los Angeles Rams Will Win:


Final Score Rams 30 49ers 21

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

New Orleans Saints 0-0-0
Denver Broncos 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Speaking of Bill Clinton. Every week leading up to the College Football Playoff we will have Bill Clinton's College Football Playoff where Bill Clinton ranks the top 4 teams in College Football. This is the third year Bill Clinton has posted his College Football Playoff.

Bill Clinton's College Football Playoff Selection Special

  1. Clemson Tigers

    Clemson defeated Alabama once again in the Championship game thanks to the man with a mullet Trevor Lawrence. Hillary is crazy about is hair Yahoo man. Dabo Sweeney has surpassed Nick Saban as the biggest pimp in College Football

  2. Alabama Crimson Tide

    Alabama wants revenge on Clemson. Nick Saban is the second biggest pimp in College Football.

  3. Georgia

    Georgia has Jake Fromm and DeAndre Swift. This team will have one of the best offenses in the FBS. WOOF WOOF!

  4. Oklahoma

    Lincoln Riley has coached two Heisman winning quarterbacks. He may have a third consecutive quarterback in Jalen Hurts a former prostitute of Nick Saban. Coach Riley is keeping his pimp hand strong at the quarterback position.

Why the New Orleans Saints Will Win:

Why the Denver Broncos Will Win:


Final Score Saints 24 Broncos 23

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Kansas City Chiefs 0-0-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I posted a film cut of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa versus LSU. This is my first film cut of Tua Tagovailoa. I will either post a film cut of Joe Burrow or a Notre Dame film cut of a Senior Bowl player versus Virginia in week 13. Stay tuned.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win:

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Win:


Final Score Buccaneers 31 Chiefs 27

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Chicago Bears 0-0-0
Green Bay Packers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

All ten teams in the BFFL League have team logos. I'll use this section to rank where the 10 teams stand on Yahoo.

  1. Gangster Squad 2-0

    I ended up exceeding expectations in week 1 with a 207.74-148.06 win. Evan Engram was tight end one in Fantasy this week and I drafted him. I love this roster because I used keepers on Drew Brees and Matt Ryan in a two QB League. Also I got Tom Brady in the ninth round and just picked up Case Keenum to replace Nick Foles off the waiver wire. I spent my first two draft picks on running backs with David Johnson and Dalvin Cook anchoring my backfield. My wide receivers consisted of Kenny Golladay, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jarvis Landry. I still put together a huge day in Fantasy even without A.J. Green or N'Keal Harry who are both on my bench at the moment due to injuries. For the second week in a row, I outscored the rest of the league with 171.48 points. I play Brees Nutz in week 3 and am a slight favorite at the moment.

  2. H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes 2-0

    H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes began the year with 183.20 points on Taco Corp. Heath has had strong starts in the past, but after looking over his roster he drafted Alvin Kamara, Carson Wentz, Keenan Allen, Julian Edelman, Dede westbrook, Aaron Jones who Heath used a keeper on, Zach Ertz, Dak Prescott as a second quarterback, and the Chargers defense. H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes has a team with the talent and potential to make the playoffs. His team had 163.30 points in week 2 to improve to 2-0.

  3. Brees Nutz 2-0

    Mitch Pabst owner of Brees Nutz became the first owner to repeat as Bantle Bowl Champion. Despite losing Alvin Kamara and Todd Gurley, this team still has a lot of talent. Lamar Jackson balled out for the first two weeks. This team could easily three peat and is a contender once again.

  4. Previous Rank 4th

  5. Florida Disco Yetis 1-1

    Florida Disco Yeti's is the new team in the league and they are replacing Jimmy Dicken's Team which won Bantle Bowl 1. This team got off to a 1-0 start and deserves credit for that. I'm not sure this is a long-term contender for a playoff spot though. Florida Disco Yetis is 1-1 because they lost to H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes. They still maintain control of the final playoff spot in our league.

  6. Previous Rank 5th

  7. Kerryon My Wayward Son 1-1

    Riley, the owner of RES Express rebranded his team as Kerryon My Wayward Son after replacing Anti-Bantle a year ago. This team also drafted strong for the most part. Kerryon My Wayward Son lost to Car RamRod. That's why this team is not a contender.

  8. Previous Rank 3rd

  9. Car RamRod 1-1

    Andrew Kermish one of the co hosts from our podcast is 1-1. Kerm is just happy that the Dallas Cowboys and Alabama Crimson Tide are undefeated at the moment. Kerm owns the tiebreaker over Kerryon My Wayward Son as far as I am concerned.

  10. Previous Rank 8th

  11. Avengers 1-1

    Avengers has a talented team. This team will have a glaring weakness at running back though as long as Melvin Gordon continues to holdout. Avengers defeated Taco Corp to improve to 1-1.

  12. Previous Rank 9th

  13. The Chosen Ones 0-2

    Our league commissioner lost Bantle Bowl I to Jimmy before winning Bantle Bowl II against Jimmy. He made it to Bantle Bowl IV last year. This team is strong at quarterback, running back, and tight end. Jason plays me this week and needs a win to get back in the thick of things. Even if Jason started 0-2, he's the one person in this league that could rally back from an 0-2 start to make the playoffs. Jason Bantle is favored to defeat Taco Corp.

  14. Previous Rank 7th

  15. Taco Corp 0-2

    Taco Corp does not look like a playoff team on paper. They play The Chosen Ones in week 3 in a paramount game for both teams.

  16. Previous Rank 6th

  17. Team Mouserat 0-2

    Mark got the 4 seed last year. He is actually favored to win over H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes despite the fact that H.B's Vinegar Strokes is 2-0. That should tell you a lot and that its a very competitive season with still a lot of Fantasy Football left to be decided.

Why the Chicago Bears Will Win:

Why the Green Bay Packers Will Win:


Final Score Packers 31 Bears 10

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Seattle Seahawks 0-0-0
Philadelphia Eagles 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

I just cannot stand ESPN's Monday Night Football Coverage. Monday Night Football On KDKA is back with Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi. Tonight the gang is in Washington.

Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden and Andrew Filiponi covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA from Washington. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

Madden: Welcome to Washington. Home of the Washington Redskins. Tonight the face the hometown team of the former POTUS>

Filiponi: Let's keep politics out of this Mark.

Pompieni: Yes Mark, keep politics out of it, who do you like in tonights game and why.

Madden: Our last three presidents were a mentally challenged conservative, a minority who you cannot use shaming language on without being shamed for discrimination, and a racist Oompa Loompa.

Filiponi: Jesus. Bears or Redskins. I will pick Chicago for both of us.

Pompieni: Tonights game is brought to you by FedEx. The official sponsor of FedEx Field.

Madden: No tonights game is brought to by the Verizon Center. Home of top overall draft picks such as Alex Ovechkin and John Wall.

Filiponi: No tonights game is brought to you by Captital One.

Pompieni: Alright let's get set for kickoff. We'll be back with kickoff after a vulgar commercial where Samuel L Jackson goes Capital One, What's In Your Wallet Motherfucker.

Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Win:

Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win:


Final Score Eagles 24 Seahawks 21

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

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