NFL Power Rankings 2018 NFL Power Rankings: 32. Arizona Cardinals 0-3-0, 31. Oakland Raiders 0-3-0, 30. New York Jets 1-2-0.

2018 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: September 13, 2018.

  1. Arizona Cardinals 0-3-0

    This team is definitely playing like a wimpy cardinal. Maybe Josh Rosen can change that perception.

    Previous Rank 30th

  2. Oakland Raiders 0-3-0

    Good thing Gruden didn't go back to the Bucs. Everybody would've killed him by now. It's really kind of surprising he's still alive in Oakland because they're done.

    Previous Rank 29th

  3. New York Jets 1-2-0

    J-E-T-S should stand for JUST ENOUGH TO SUCK!

    Previous Rank 19th

  4. Indianapolis Colts 1-2-0

    Andrew Luck is carrying the Colts along with their offensive line. Even the defense looks better, but offensive tackle still appears to be a liability at both left tackle and right tackle. To be fair, Anthony Castonzo got injured in training camp and re-injured his hamstring prior to week 2. Also Austin Howard did not make the final roster, and starting right tackle Joe Haeg has also dealt with injuries. So injuries at the offensive tackle position have hindered the Colts early in 2018.

    Previous Rank 28th

  5. Cleveland Browns 1-1-1

    Lets see how long it’ll take them to win their next game now.

    Previous Rank 31st

  6. Buffalo Bills 1-2-0

    Was that Jim Kelly starting at QB? Sure seemed like it.

    Previous Rank 32nd

  7. Houston Texans 0-3-0

    Houston is better then their record indicates. Unless they lose to the Colts and fall to 0-4, then there is no reason to panic.

    Previous Rank 17th

  8. New York Giants 1-2-0

    The New York Giants took care of business versus the Houston Texans. Now New York hosts the New Orleans Saints in week 4.

    Previous Rank 23rd

  9. San Francisco 49ers 1-2-0

    Jimmy Garoppolo can date all the adult film stars he wants. The bottom line is he couldn't handle the Vikings big massive D. He also had trouble with a Kansas City D that landed him on IR.

    Previous Rank 22nd

  10. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2-0

    The Chargers got embarassed in StubHub Center home of the Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS once again by the Kansas City Chiefs. They also lost to the Rams on the road. This does not look like a playoff team right now.

    Previous Rank 21st

  11. Dallas Cowboys 1-2-0

    Dak Prescott has regressed without Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Dallas looks like they are in a total rebuild after hosting the 2018 NFL Draft.

    Previous Rank 24th

  12. Detroit Lions 1-2-0

    If they played New England every week maybe they might have a chance at 16-0 now instead of 0-16. It showed Patricia knew everything about that team.

    Previous Rank 26th

  13. Seattle Seahawks 1-2-0

    Bucs could definitely use Earl Thomas because Conte is a joke.

    Previous Rank 18th

  14. Tennessee Titans 2-1-0

    Amazing that this team is 2-0 with Blaine Gabbert as the starting quarterback.

    Previous Rank 27th

  15. Atlanta Falcons 1-2-0

    Atlanta lost both of their starting safeties Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen to season ending IR. That has to concern me if I'm the Falcons. If Atlanta misses the playoffs this season, that will be the biggest reason Atlanta did not return to the postseason.

    Previous Rank 15th

  16. Chicago Bears 2-1-0

    Chicago leads the NFC North Division. They need to beat Tampa Bay at home this week to maintain their lead in the division though.

    Previous Rank 25th

  17. Green Bay Packers 1-1-1

    The NFL might as well make it a flag football league pretty soon.

    Previous Rank 11th

  18. Washington Redskins 2-1-0

    Looks like AP might be back. Of course the Bucs pass on a chance at him in the draft & in FA. They could’ve had him at least twice but NO!

    Previous Rank 14th

  19. Denver Broncos 2-1-0

    Denver is 2-1 this season thanks to their defense. With a win on Monday Night Football, they can cease control of the AFC West. I don't trust Case Keenum though which is why Denver comes in at 14 despite their winning record so far.

    Previous Rank 13th

  20. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1-0

    The Bengals started 2-0 before a road loss to Carolina. They get Atlanta, and are a potential dark horse to get a wild card if they can sweep the Ravens and Browns this season after defeating Baltimore back in week 2.

    Previous Rank 16th

  21. New England Patriots 1-2-0

    THAT WAS BAD! As in Buccaneer & Brown bad. Hard to believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns both have better records then the New England Patriots through three weeks this season. New England may still get a wild card if they put everything together as its early. Right now this looks like a borderline playoff team rather then the force of the AFC East Division.

    Previous Rank 2nd

  22. Baltimore Ravens 2-1-0

    Baltimore is at 11 because they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals. If they somehow upset the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, then they will jump Pittsburgh in next weeks power rankings.

    Previous Rank 7th

  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1-0

    Looks like it’s back to losing. Possibly the old Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  24. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1-1

    Lets thank the Harvard moron Fitzpatrick we all know for that game.

  25. Carolina Panthers 2-1-0

    Carolina may be able to beat the Vikings in a wild card game. Then again this team is depleted with injuries so its kind of amazing they are 2-1 to be completely honest.

  26. Minnesota Vikings 1-1-1

    They don't even deserve to make the playoffs after that joke of a home contest against the Buffalo Bills.

    Previous Rank 5th

  27. Miami Dolphins 3-0-0

    Miami actually has better offensive tackles and better defensive ends then the Patriots. Laremy Tunsil and Ju'Wuan James can protect Tannehill as bookend offensive tackles. Robert Quinn and Cameron Wake can both rush New England's lackluster offensive tackles off the edge. With Julian Edelman suspended for one more week, Miami has a window of opportunity to go into Gillette Stadium and deliver the knockout punch on a New England Patriots team that is 1-2 trailing Miami by two games.

    Previous Rank 20th

  28. New Orleans Saints 2-1-0

    New Orleans has won two in a row since I savagely roasted them for losing to Tampa Bay in week 1. New Orleans needs to get back to how good they were defensively last year. The crazy thing is if the Saints do that this team has a shot to be a dark horse in the NFC.

    Previous Rank 12th

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1-0

    Thats the Jaguars we know of old because Super Bowl teams don't give up home losses to former draft busts like Blaine freaking Gabbert. Back to the pool maybe?

  30. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1-0

    Yeah the Eagles look a lot better with Carson Wentz. They may end up repeating.

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  31. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0-0

    Good chance they could be the best team in the AFC after some impressive road wins versus the Los Angeles Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers. If they beat Denver then they got a home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and a road game against the New England Patriots. If Kansas City starts 6-0, then home field will be theirs after getting a brutal strength of schedule early in the season.

    Previous Rank 6th

  32. Los Angeles Rams 3-0-0

    Move them back to STL & we’d have a chance at a Missouri showdown.

    Previous Rank 3rd

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