NFL Week 16 Picks 2019 NFL Predictions Week 16: Detroit Lions 0-0-0 VS Denver Broncos 0-0-0 (-4.5), Oakland Raiders 0-0-0 VS Los Angeles Chargers 0-0-0 (-9), New York Giants 0-0-0 VS Washington Redskins 0-0-0 (-3), New Orleans Saints 0-0-0 (-3) VS Tennessee Titans 0-0-0, Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0-0 (-1.5) VS New York Jets 0-0-0, Buffalo Bills 0-0-0 VS New England Patriots 0-0-0 (-13), Los Angeles Rams 0-0-0 (-2) VS San Francisco 49ers 0-0-0, Houston Texans 0-0-0 (-2) VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0-0, Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0-0 VS Atlanta Falcons 0-0-0 (-5), Baltimore Ravens 0-0-0 VS Cleveland Browns 0-0-0 (-3), Carolina Panthers 0-0-0 VS Indianapolis Colts 0-0-0 (-6), Cincinnati Bengals 0-0-0 VS Miami Dolphins 0-0-0 (-2), Arizona Cardinals 0-0-0 VS Seattle Seahawks 0-0-0 (-12), Dallas Cowboys 0-0-0 VS Philadelphia Eagles 0-0-0 (-3.5), Kansas City Chiefs 0-0-0 VS Chicago Bears 0-0-0 (-1), Green Bay Packers 0-0-0 VS Minnesota Vikings 0-0-0 (-3)

2019 NFL Week 16 Predictions

Dallas heads to Philadelphia in a game that could decide the NFC East Division. The last two NFC East winners clash in this pivotal game.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: December 17, 2019.

Detroit Lions 0-0-0
Denver Broncos 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Detroit Lions Will Win:

Why the Denver Broncos Will Win:


Final Score Broncos 20 Lions 10

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Oakland Raiders 0-0-0
Los Angeles Chargers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Oakland Raiders Will Win:

Why the Los Angeles Chargers Will Win:


Final Score Chargers 35 Raiders 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

New York Giants 0-0-0
Washington Redskins 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Tanya Holmes set her week 16 lineup on Draft Kings. This week 16 lineup is an all Cleveland Browns lineup. Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, and David Njoku. I've seen crazy, but this takes the cake for insane. Go to Draft Kings and sign up with the promo code draftutopia for a free chance to win up to a million dollars this week on Draft Kings.

Why the New York Giants Will Win:

Why the Washington Redskins Will Win:


Final Score Redskins 27 Giants 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

New Orleans Saints 0-0-0
Tennessee Titans 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

You can go to Fanpicks and enter the Promo Code draftutopia to win $20 dollars. We also have a Draft Kings advertisement on our home page so you can go there to sign up for Fantasy Football as well.

Why the New Orleans Saints Will Win:

Why the Tennessee Titans Will Win:


Final Score Saints 28 Titans 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0-0
New York Jets 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers Will Win:

Why the New York Jets Will Win:


Final Score Jets 28 Steelers 7

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Buffalo Bills 0-0-0
New England Patriots 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

@CockyBelichick is my favorite Twitter user of all time. His twitter feed is that epic. He always inserts the #kisstherings hashtag and it is badass. I'm going to post his 5 best tweets on our site every week like David Letterman does with his top 10 jokes until the owner of this twitter feed requests I take them down because his tweets are that epic. Let's start with the top 5 Tweets from week 15 in the NFL.

This is true. Especially with New Engalnd.

Congrats on losing to a bunch of pussies that missed the playoffs. #kisstherings.

I have to ask you how those six Black and Yellow rings taste. I'm only doing this to make sure my Patriots do not lose again this season. #kisstherings.

Pittsburgh's defense is too busy grabbing Tom Brady by the pussy like our sick President. #kisstherings.

The sad thing is that play was the peak of last Sunday's game. Unfortunately that was the peak. Good job on beating my Patriots Pittsburgh. I'll have more Belichick rants on the week 15 loss next week in Week 17. #kisstherings

Why the Buffalo Bills Will Win:

Why the New England Patriots Will Win:


Final Score Patriots 28 Bills 14

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Los Angeles Rams 0-0-0
San Francisco 49ers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Los Angeles Rams Will Win:

Why the San Francisco 49ers Will Win:


Final Score 49ers 20 Rams 7

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Houston Texans 0-0-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Houston Texans Will Win:

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Win:


Final Score Texans 31 Buccaneers 14

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0-0
Atlanta Falcons 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Check out D.J. Chuck. Aka Tracy Porter from the Draft Utopia podcast. He does his own radio show on Spreaker that's worth a listen.

Listen to "Dj Chuck" on Spreaker.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Will Win:

Why the Atlanta Falcons Will Win:


Final Score Falcons 24 Jaguars 23

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Baltimore Ravens 0-0-0
Cleveland Browns 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Baltimore Ravens Will Win:

Why the Cleveland Browns Will Win:


Final Score Browns 28 Ravens 14

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Carolina Panthers 0-0-0
Indianapolis Colts 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Carolina Panthers Will Win:

Why the Indianapolis Colts Will Win:


Final Score Colts 24 Panthers 20

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Cincinnati Bengals 0-0-0
Miami Dolphins 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Why the Cincinnati Bengals Will Win:

Why the Miami Dolphins Will Win:


Final Score Bengals 21 Dolphins 6

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Arizona Cardinals 0-0-0
Seattle Seahawks 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

Speaking of Bill Clinton. Every week leading up to the College Football Playoff we will have Bill Clinton's College Football Playoff where Bill Clinton ranks the top 4 teams in College Football. This is the third year Bill Clinton has posted his College Football Playoff.

Bill Clinton's College Football Playoff Selection Special

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide

    Alabama is the defending champion. Nick Saban is once again the biggest pimp in College Football.

  2. Clemson Tigers

    At #2 we have the Clemson Tigers. Clemson beat Alabama to win the 2017 College Football Playoff. Alabama beat Clemson in the Semifinals of the 2018 College Football Playoff.

  3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    Notre Dame has their best defense since 2013. The Catholic Church and the Pied Piper have a lot to be excited about when it comes to Notre Dame Football. Yahoo man!

  4. Central Florida Golden Knights

    Central Florida had a perfect season in 2017 despite missing the 2018 College Fooball Playoff. Central Florida went perfect once again. College Football's Playoff Committee is basically like Goodfella's at this point. Fuck you POWER 5. Fuck you POWER 5! You're not in a power 5 conference fuck you and your university.

Why the Arizona Cardinals Will Win:

Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Win:


Final Score Seahawks 21 Cardinals 17

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Dallas Cowboys 0-0-0
Philadelphia Eagles 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

The Dallas Cowboys are now 45-32 under Bill Lumbergh. Lumbergh enters year five as the Dallas Cowboys GM with a 1-2 record in the Playoffs after winning a playoff game in his first year as a GM. If Lumbergh can't right the ship, I'm open to making a new ficitional character the Cowboys GM.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

Hey Dak Prescott. What's happening? If you can sweep the Philadelphia Eagles, we can knock the reigning Super Bowl Champions out of the NFC East. If you can do that, then that would be great.

Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Win:

Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win:


Final Score Eagles 31 Cowboys 24

Who Everyone Else Picked

Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

Kansas City Chiefs 0-0-0
Chicago Bears 0-0-0

Chris Ransom's Pick

All ten teams in the BFFL League have team logos. I'll use this section to rank where the 10 teams stand on Yahoo.

  1. The Chosen Ones 14-1

    Our league commissioner used a keeper on Cam Newton and got Tom Brady in the second round. Jason Bantle has a stacked team because I decided to wager Leonard Fournette in hopes of Jason getting Joe Mixon in the fourth round, but because of that, I ended up moving up for Drew Brees. Bantle got Fournette and still managed to trade for Joe Mixon. His receiving core consists of Tyreek Hill, Brandin Cooks, and Sammy Watkins. He has Travis Kelce at tight end. Bantle has the 1 seed .

  2. Brees Nutz 13-2

    Mitch Pabst owner of Brees Nutz dodged a bullet when Ezekiel Elliott avoided his suspension. Mitch used a third round keeper on Todd Gurley and a seventeenth round keeper on Alvin Kamara. Mitch doesn't have Drew Brees, but he replaced Brees with Aaron Rodgers. This team has DaVante Adams, Adam Theilen, and Allen Robinson along with Jimmy Graham as his tight end and Matthew Stafford as his number two quarterback. Last years league champion looks like the heavy favorite to be the first BFFL league member to repeat since the league went to ten teams as the BFFL enters year sixteen. Brees Nutz won Bantle Bowl III last year, and this team reminds me of Jimmy Dicken's team a few years ago when he entered Bantle bowl II as the defending Champ before Jason got even with Jimmy after Dicken won the leagues first Bantle Bowl. Mitch led the BFFL with 186.58 fantasy points in week 1 and swept Team MouseRat in back-to-back weeks. Mitch suffered his first loss to me with all of the top three teams at 7-1, but he rebounded with the leagues biggest blowout in week 8. Brees Nutz is now 11-1 and has clinched a playoff spot, if TD Sprinkles wins and if Brees Nutz beats me then Mitch will lock up the top seed. It's worth mentioning I'm the only person who beat Mitch this season as he's 12-0 versus other opponents.

  3. Gangster Squad 11-4

    Despite being an underdog versus Team MouseRat, I ended up winning with 168 points in week 1. The decision to trade for Drew Brees paid off in week 1. The other player I used a keeper on was a fourteenth round keeper on Jared Goff. I also have Melvin Gordon, Golden Tate, T.Y. Hilton, Cooper Kupp, Chris Hogan, and Michael Crabtree. Royce Freeman is my number two running back behind Melvin Gordon. I started Jack Doyle over George Kittle and somehow ended up winning in week 1. I picked up a critical win versus Avengers to start 2-0 which really helps my playoff chances. I picked up two more wins since week two putting me at 4-0. My team that I drafted by taking Drew Brees from Breez Nuts is 6-0. This is my strongest start for a Fantasy Team ever. Then Mark Sciubba got even with me for what happened in week 1 and that caused me to drop to 6-1. I rebounded defeating a team that I thought I would have no chance of defeating. I ended my losing streak despite losing Coper Kupp for the season. My team clinched the third playoff spot and has the three seed locked up. The good news is I swept Mitch in the regular season. The bad news is he beat me in the playoffs.

  4. Team Mouserat 7-8

    Mark drafted a really good team featuring Julio Jones, Saquon Barkley, and Odell Beckham Jr. The thing is he made the same rookie mistake I did last season when I neglected the quarterback position in a two quarterback league. He's one game back of a playoff spot right now despite having the talent to put together a contender. Team Mouserat is 3-4 after getting even with me in week 7. Mark has lost three in a row since getting even with me due to a tough schedule. Mark has an easy schedule for the last two games following a win. I honestly see this team being the only team with a shot to supplant Taco Corp. Team Mouserat forgot to start Mike Williams so that's why his team lost.

  5. Taco Corp 6-7

    Last year three of the five league owners Brees Nutz, H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes, and Anti Bantle all started 1-0 and made the playoffs. Brees Nutz, The Chosen Ones, Gangster Squad, and Taco Corp all started 1-0. Taco Corp has a losing record and they still control their own destiny since they have outscored me in terms of regular season points through 13 games. All Taco Corp has to do is beat Car RamRod this weekend and they are in.

  6. TD Sprinkles 6-8

    Sorry Jimmy. Sprinkles are for winners. I've said this so much, that I'm afraid Progressive may sue me, but I'm going to keep saying this until TD Sprinkles has a winning record. I've basically used this catchphrase whenever Jimmy had a losing record.

  7. Avengers 6-8

    Avengers drafted a really good team that lost the League Title to Brees Nutz last year. They won't have Le'Veon Bell, but this a team to watch out for. Kareem Hunt got released by the Kansas City Chiefs too so this team is probably done. They'd need to win and have the top 3 owners ahead of them all lose. Even then they'd still manage to trail Taco Corp unless they set a perfect lineup, but even then, they trail Taco Corp by 200 points in terms of points scored so they'd have to outscore Taco Corp by 200 points so they are done.

  8. H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes 4-10

    H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes has dealt with some injuries this season. This team is on the right track with a winning record and is now fully healthy. Heath Bergman drafted Carson Wentz one pick before I did two years ago when I knew Wentz would break out after his rookie season. I even tried to move up with him. He also has Deshaun Watson playing the Bills this week. His wide receiver tandem features DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Green. I barely got by H.B.'s Vinegar Strokes who now sits at 4-5 on the season. This team was 4-5 at one point and lost out.

  9. Car RamRod 3-11

    Andrew Kermish one of the co hosts from our podcast is 3-11. Way to cost yourself the top pick in the draft.

  10. RES Express 2-12

    Riley, the owner of RES Express is replacing Anti Bantle in the league. I'm not sure what Anti Bantle did to piss off the rest of the league, but its not my business to comment on. I thought Riley had the worst draft of any of the leagues owners. Riley managed to best my 1-13 record good job Riley.

  11. Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win:

    Why the Chicago Bears Will Win:


    Final Score Chiefs 31 Bears 24

    Who Everyone Else Picked

    Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

    Green Bay Packers 0-0-0
    Minnesota Vikings 0-0-0

    Chris Ransom's Pick

    I just cannot stand ESPN's Monday Night Football Coverage. Monday Night Football On KDKA is back with Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi. Tonight the gang is in Minnesota.

    Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden and Andrew Filiponi covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA from Minnesota. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

    Madden: The Raiders are assholes for using their special teams to behead Chris Boswell's chances of sending the Pittsburgh VS Oakland game into overtime. Both of these teams are out of the playoffs so fuck this game. I'm gonna check out the score of the Pens game on my IPhone.

    Filiponi: I can't fault you for that Madden. Let's Go Pens. I can't wait until Mark Davis bombs the shit out of Network Associates Colloseum.

    Pompieni: Tonights game is brought to you by the Oakland Athletics current stadium because Oakland's owner traded Amari Cooper. Jon Gruden traded Khalil Mack. It really shows how dysfunctional the Raiders are as a franchise.

    Madden: No tonights game is brought to you by Pirates of the Carrabean because I cannot promote another evil organization associated with Raider Nation that shall remain nameless.

    Pompieni: Very inappropriate. We'll be right back with kickoff after torturing you guys with visuals of the Network Associates Colloseum being demolished like Three Rivers Stadium.

    Madden: That's it for 2018. I can't believe we got assigned this piece of shit game on Christmas Eve.

    Pompieni: God damn it Madden. Watch your language.

    Why the Green Bay Pckers Will Win:

    Why the Minnesota Vikings Will Win:


    Final Score Vikings 28 Packers 20

    Who Everyone Else Picked

    Tanya Holmes Oren Shiri Jesse Lucas Jason Bantle

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