Super Bowl 53 Recap Super Bowl 53 Game Recap: New England Patriots 14-5-0 13 VS Los Angeles Rams 15-4-0 3 Final

Super Bowl 53 Game Recap

The New England Patriots now have six rings thanks to this former Kent State quarterback.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: February 3, 2019.

2. New England Patriots 14-5-0
2. Los Angeles Rams 15-4-0

Game Recap: ATLANTA-The Rams won the coin toss. They defered.

Sony Michel began the game with a 13-yard gain. Patterson ran a trick play. Sony Michel is responsible for both first downs so far.

Corey Littleton made a remarakble intercepiton. Tom Brady was intercepted on his first throw. That was the first time in Tom Brady's career that he was intercepted on is first throw.

Jared Goff handed it off to Todd Gurley. Goff threw an incompletion on the play. Adrian Clayborn a former Atlanta Falcon, pressured Jared Goff on the return. Julian Edelman lost yardage on the punt return.

Edelman made up for his lousy punt return with a critical first down on third down. Brady did a solid job on that third down cnversion allowing Edelman to get separation on Aqib Talib.

The guy from teh NFC Championship who shall remain nameless for his non pass interference call on New Orleans was the first person penalized in Super bowl 53. New England avoids third and twenty thanks to the officials.

Rex Burkhead gave new England a first down. New England called a timeout.

New England called a timeout. Tom Brady threw a first down to Rob Gronkowski. The Los Angeles Rams made a defensive stop and Ste;hen Gostkowski missed the field goal. This game remains scoreless in Atlanta.

Jared Goff threw a completion. Los Angeles is in a sticky third and three scenario. Patrick chung broke up a pass on third down. Los Angeles had to punt to New England.

Tom Brady threw a first down to Julian Edelman. Tom Brady finally got sacked. The Rams forced a fumble, but David Andrews recovered it. Tom Brady threw a 14-yard completion to Rob Gronkowski. New England punted it to the Los Angeles Rams. This game was scoreless after one quarter of play.

Even though I can't stand Game Of Thrones, that was hands down the best Super Bowl commercial so far. Dilly Dilly!

Tom Brady threw a completion to Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady threw another third down conversion to Julian Edelman. Tom Brady was sweatting under pressure and still delivered. New England finally gained the lead in the second quarter as Stephen Gostkowski kicked a field goal.

Robert Woods looked like he caught that out of bounds. It didn't seem to matter. Stephon Gilmore was so vicious in coverage on the following play. New England made a defensive stop and forced the Los Angeles Rams to punt four times in a row on four defensive stops.

New England could not extend their lead. The officials made the correct call by penalizing New England on that holding penalty.

Kyle Vab Noy kyled Jared Goff with that tenacious sack on third down. New England recovered the punt.

Julian Edelman caught another pass from Tom Brady. Cordarrelle Patterson caught a pass from Tom Brady on third and ten. The Los Angeles Rams burned their firs timeout. Wade Phillips has done an incredible job coaching this game as a defensive coordinator.

D'Onta Hightower was not in Super Bowl 52. He sacked Jared Goff. Former Patriot, Brandin Cooks who was traded to the Rams made a catch. Robert Woods got stopped on third down. That set up a fourth and two with 28 seconds left. New England led 3-0 at halftime.

The game hit reset after the first half. D'Onta Hightower dropped an easy interception despite fantastic coverage. That kept the drive alive for the Los Angeles Rams.

Todd Gurley ran for a first down. Gurley had a huge lane to run through. Gurley made another run. This time, he collided with Patrick Chung. This was the second year in a row Chung got injured during the Super Bowl. Stephon Gilmore made another huge stop on third down in coverage. Jared Goff fell to 0/6 on third down conversions.

Julian Edelman caught a reception on third down for New England. Julian Edelman had 8 receptions for 120 receiving yards. Edelman gained 8 receiving yards he now had 9 receptions, 128 receiving yards, and 13 targets on the day. Marcus Peters deflected a pass intended for Julian Edelman.

New England with another defensive stop. Jared Goff is now 0/7 on third down conversions. The Rams punter broke a record.

Tom Brady thew a completiont o James White. Thanks to an illegal shift the play was negated. Julian Edelman caught another pass from Brady. What a stop by Marcus Peters who broke up a pass from New England.

Jared Goff finally made a big play. The Rams called a timeout. Jason McCourty. D'Onta Hightower with a sack on third down. The Rams got a field goal to tie the game.

New England got a defensive holding penalty in the third quarter. Neither team scored a touchdown through three quarters of play.

The Los Angeles Rams made a defensive stop to start the fourth quarter. A false start penalty pushed the Rams back. Los Angeles fumbled the football on fourth down. The Rams are lucky the fumble went out of bounds. Goff completed it to Brandin Cooks.

A defensive holding penalty on Stephon Gilmore gave the Los Angeles Rams new life in the fourth quarter. John Sullivan negated a first down with a holding penalty. The Rams center set Los Angeles back.

Jonathan Jones charged at Jared Goff. That was a no call. I'm surprised, but what a play by Jones. Stephon Gilmore displayed brilliant coverage on .

Tom Brady threw a first down to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady threw a first down to Julian Edelman. Tom Brady threw another completion to Rex Burkhead. Tom Brady threw another first down to Rob Gronkowski. Sony Michel ran it in for a rushing touchdown.

Jared Goff threw a great pass to former Patriot Brandin Cooks. That completion resulted in a first down. Jared goff threw a first down to Josh Reynolds. Reynolds did a good job running past Jason McCourty on third down with his route running. Robert Woods followed that up with impressive double coverage.

Stephon Gilmore had a critical interception. Sony Michel ran for a huge first down. Left guard Joe Thuney and right tackle Marcus Cannon made superb blocks on the play. A penalty by the Rams gave New England great field position.

New England got a field goal. Legatron missed wide left. New England won Super Bowl 53 13-3.

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