Draft Order MLB: 2017 MLB Draft Order Round 1 Compensation Round: 31. Tampa Bay Rays (Compensation Pick), 32. Cincinnati Reds (Compensation Pick), 33. Oakland Athletics (Compensation Pick), 34. Milwaukee Brewers (Compensation Pick), 35. Minnesota Twins (Compensation Pick), 36. Miami Marlins (Compensation Pick).

2017 MLB Mock Draft: Final Mock 2 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 31-36

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  1. Tampa Bay Rays: J.J. Schwarz, C, Florida

    J.J. Schwarz only batted .291 for Florida with 9 home runs in 2017. He batted .389 versus SEC teams so you have to look past those stats. Schwarz can hit any type of pitch on tape too which is why you have to look past those stats.

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  2. Cincinnati Reds: Hagen Danner, P, Huntington Beach HS (CA)

    Hagen Danner was a hero in the 2011 Little League World Series. Nearly six years later, Danner has a chance to get drafted in the first round.

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  3. Oakland Athletics: Jake Thompson, P, Oregon State

    The 6-2 201 lb Jake Thompson is 12-0 with a mind boggling 1.01 ERA in 2017. Thompson went from a relative unknown to a first round prospect.

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  4. Milwaukee Brewers: Morgan Cooper, P, Texas

    The 6-4 215 lb Morgan Cooper put together his best season. Morgan Cooper is 6-2 with a 2.27 ERA in 2017 along with a career high 89 strikeouts. Morgan Cooper has a 96-mile per hour 4-seam fastball, a 94-mile per hour 2-seam fastball, a 93-mile her hour cutter fastball, a 84-mile per hour changeup, and a 75-mile per hour curveball. Has more command, control, and accuracy on his fastballs and changeup than any of his other pitches.

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  5. Minnesota Twins: Evan Skoug, C, TCU

    The 5-11 200 lb Evan Skoug's .288 batting average is higher than J.J. Schwarz's. Skoug's 16 home runs nearly double the 9 Schwarz hit which is why he belongs in the first round.

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  6. Miami Marlins: Stuart Fairchild, CF, Wake Forest

    Stuart Fairchild has a .350 batting average along with 13 home runs, 57 RBI's and 16 stolen bases. Fairchild has been listed as an eighth or ninth round pick, but he's a clean up batter batting third in a lineup that warrants first round consideration with his five-tool ability. I like his tape a lot better than Will Craig who the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted in the first round in the 2016 MLB Draft.

    The 6-0 205 lb Stuart Fairchild is a complete 5-tool batter. He can hit home runs, line drives, grounders, and bunts. The Wake Forest center fielder prevents home runs by jumping over the wall and is a very sound outfielder. He's a natural base stealer as well.

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