Draft Order NFL: 2020 NFL Draft Order: Round 1: 1. Miami Dolphins: 0-2-0, 2. Cincinnati Bengals: 0-2-0, 3. Washington Redskins: 0-2-0, 4. New York Giants: 0-2-0, 5. Carolina Panthers: 0-2-0, 6. New York Jets: 0-2-0, 7. Jacksonville Jaguars: 0-2-0, 8. Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh Steelers): 0-2-0, 9. Denver Broncos: 0-2-0, 8. Arizona Cardinals: 0-1-1, 11. Tennessee Titans: 1-1-0, 12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-1-0, 13. Oakland Raiders: 1-1-0, 14. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears): 1-1-0, 15. Minnesota Vikings: 1-1-0, 16. Indianapolis Colts: 1-1-0, 17. New Orleans Saints: 1-1-0, 18. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-1-0, 19. Los Angeles Chargers: 1-1-0, 20. Detroit Lions: 1-0-1, 21. Cleveland `Browns: 1-1-0, 22. Atlanta Falcons: 1-1-0, 23. Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans): 1-1-0, 24. Seattle Seahawks: 2-0-0, 25. Buffalo Bills: 2-0-0, 26. Green Bay Packers: 2-0-0, 27. Baltimore Ravens: 2-0-0, 28. Dallas Cowboys: 2-0-0, 29. Los Angeles Rams: 2-0-0, 30. Kansas City Chiefs: 2-0-0, 31. San Francisco 49ers: 2-0-0, 32. New England Patriots: 2-0-0

2020 NFL Mock Draft: 3.0

Round 1 Picks 17-32

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: September 19, 2019.

  1. New Orleans Saints: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    New Orleans gets their successor to Drew Brees here. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the best player on the board and the local may be a long-term upgrade over both Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill.

    Previous Pick: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington

  2. Philadelphia Eagles: Baron Browning, MLB, Ohio State

    Philadlephia needs a middle linebacker. The only middle linebacker worth taking at this point is Ohio State middle linebacker Baron Browning.

  3. Los Angeles Chargers: D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

    Los Angeles will not have left tackle Russell Okung for the early part of the season. Also running back Melvin Gordon is on a holdout. If he thinks he can poach the Chargers when a strong running back class is about to enter the 2020 NFL Draft, Gordon has another thing coming.

    The 5-9 215 lb D'Andre Swift is the most elusive running back that I've seen since arguably Terrell Davis. He doesn't run with power like Todd Gurley or Nick Chubb, but he has the moves that you want an elusive back to have and is unique in his own way.

    Swift knows how to run inside and outside. He has the strength to dominate in pass protection despite his size. He can use spin moves, stiff arm players, and juke his way. Swift fights for every yard and runs with sheer determination. Some scouts say his biggest weakness is ball security. He has not fumbled once yet and has exceptional vision to go with his quickness.

    Swift is a taller version of Barry Sanders. He cuts and moves his hips like a young Arian Foster.

    Swift had 163 carries, 1,049 rushing yards, 10 rushing touchdowns, 32 receptions, 32 receptions, 297 receiving yards, 3 receiving touchdowns, 195 touches, 1,346 total yards, and 13 total touchdowns in 2018 after taking over for Nick Chubb.

    After Jerry Jeudy and Jonathan Taylor, I'd argue Swift is the safest prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft just based on his film heading into 2019. I love how my readers are telling me Swift isn't all that on tape when he clearly is.

  4. Detroit Lions: Tristan Wirfs, RT, Iowa

    The 6-5 322 lb offensive tackle is versatile enough to play left tackle or right tackle on either side of the offensive line. He has the pass blocking strength and run blocking strength to maintain a block for 7 seconds at right tackle just like Andrew Thomas. He only maintains a block for 3-5 seconds at left tackle in pass protection. He also only maintains a block for 1-3 seconds on running plays at left tackle. Wirfs is the most durable offensive tackle not named Andrew Thomas.

    If Detroit does not make the playoffs they may try to save cap space by finding a new offensive tackle in the draft. Taylor Decker is due over $10-million at left tackle so if they made Wirfs the new blindside they could just reload and save. Or they could make Wirfs the new right tackle and get an upgrade over Ricky Wagner by saving $6.5-million regardless of whether they cut Decker or Wagner.

    This is not a strong offensive tackle class. Unless Detroit is in position to draft Andrew Thomas or Tristan Wirfs, I honestly do not see Detroit entertaining this idea unless one of those offensive tackles is there for them and they somehoe miss the NFL Playoffs this season.

    Previous Pick: A.J. Dillon, RB, Boston College

  5. Cleveland Browns: Trey Adams, LT, Washington

    Cleveland has most of the pieces to contend. An upgrade at left tackle is needed though.

    The 6-7 316 lb Trey Adams dominated in his first start back with Washington. His pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking is at an elite level. His durability is the big question mark.

  6. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

    Atlanta gets a defensive tackle here to compliment Grady Jarrett. Derrick Brown is the best defensive tackle left in the draft. The 6-3 325 lb Derrick Brown had 24 solo tackles, 24 assisted tackles, 48 total tackles, 10.5 tackles for a loss, 6 quarterback hurries, and 4.5 sacks.

  7. Miami Dolphins: Javon Hagan, SS, Ohio

    Ohio strong safety Javon Hagan is my top strong safety available with Grant Delpit gone. Miami takes Javon Hagan at 23 with Ohio's safety showing the versatility to play both strong safety and free safety against the Pitt Panthers at Heinz Field. His man coverage, zone coverage, and press coverage looked outstanding in that game. A bad 40-time is the only thing keeping me from knocking Hagan out of the first round.

    We had Javon Hagan on our Draft Utopia podcast back in May of 2017.

    Previous Pick: Alaric Jackson, LT, Iowa

  8. Seattle Seahawks: T.J. Carter, CB, Memphis

    The 5-11 180 lb T.J. Carter had 11 deflections from pass breakups in 2017 when practicing against wide receiver Anthony Miller as a true freshman. Carter had 12 deflections from pass breakups in 2018. T.J. Carter has the man coverage and press coverage that you want in a cornerback. His zone coverage and ability to win blocks on running plays improved on tape versus Ole Miss. Honestly, Carter is a first round prospect on tape despite what the stats say. He looked very good on tape versus Ole Miss and I posted the full game of Carter versus Ole Miss on Bitchute.

    Previous Pick: A.J. Epenesa, RE, Iowa

  9. Buffalo Bills: C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

    C.J. Henderson has the man coverage, zone coverage, and press coverage to be a Pro Bowl cornerback. His ability to react to tackles has to improve though. Buffalo has two corners who can limit what New England's receivers do with Tre'Davious White and Levi Wallace. Now they just need a cornerback with Pro Bowl upside to push Wallace for the boundary role so he moves inside to nickel cornerback.

    I posted a film cut of C.J. Henderson VS Miami FL. Henderson gets the nod over California cornerback Camryn Bynum and LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton at the moment, but its very close.

    Previous Pick: Chase Young, LE, Ohio State

  10. Green Bay Packers: Dylan Moses, 3-4 ROLB, Alabama

    This is a deep running back class. Green Bay can get competition for Aaron Jones on day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft. Dylan Moses is versatile enough to play 3-4 outside linebacker or 3-4 middle linebacker. He's still a first round talent in this class even with his injury that kept him out for most of the season.

    Previous Pick: Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

  11. Baltimore Ravens: J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State

    Baltimore gets a running back for depth behind Mark Ingram. J.K. Dobbins is the best player on the board at 27.

    The 5-10 217 J.K. Dobbins has the pass blocking, vision, and pass catching out of the backfield that you want. He split carries with Mike Weber the last two seasons and will now get a majority of the carries in 2019.

    J.K. Dobbins had 194 carries, 1,403 rushing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns, 22 receptions, 135 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, and 8 total touchdowns in 2017. Dobbins had 230 carries, 1,053 rushing yards, 10 rushing touchdowns, 26 receptions, 263 receiving yards, 3 receiving touchdowns, and 13 total touchdowns in 2018.

  12. Dallas Cowboys: Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama

    In this mock, I will give Dallas a defensive player. The two defensive tackles that Dallas should consider here are Raekwon Davis out of Alabama and Derrick Brown out of Auburn. I don't think either defensive tackle has the upside to be a Pro Bowl defensive tackle like the studs in last years class, but both could be very good starters with the right coaching staff and development. Dallas needs an upgrade at defensive tackle so they take the 6-7 316 lb Raekwon Davis here since he's better on tape, but Brown has better stats in terms of production.

  13. Los Angeles Rams: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

    The Rams add youth at cornerback. Kristian Fulton has the potential to be another Pro Bowl cornerback out of LSU.

    Previous Pick: Dylan Moses, 3-4 ROLB, Alabama

  14. Kansas City Chiefs: Camryn Bynum, CB, California

    Kansas City needed a cornerback in the 2019 NFL Draft and did not address the position. Now they can draft a cornerback in the 2020 NFL Draft.

    Bynum has the speed, man coverage, zone coverage, and press coverage to be a first round cornerback. Bynum did well in this film cut versus Sam Darnold in 2017. He struggled versus Justin Herbert in 2018 and rebounded versus Jacob Eason in 2019.

    Previous Pick: T.J. Carter, CB, Memphis

  15. San Francisco 49ers: A.J. Dillon, RB, Boston College

    San Francisco gets a running back to challenge Tevin Coleman. A.J. Dillon could be that guy for San Francisco.

    The 6-0 250 lb A.J. Dillon has the pass blocking, catching out of the backfield, and arguably the best ball carrier vision of any running back in this entire draft class. He's not as elusive as D'Andre Swift and not as fast as J.K. Dobbins. He's still a first round running back when you watch the tape though.

    Dillon runs with determination when he pounds it on the ground and has first round tape in my eyes. When I watched Dillon versus Florida State he ran with so much intensity. He fought for every yard even when the Seminoles stacked the box at the line of scrimmage.

    A.J. Dillon had 300 carries, 1,589 rushing yards, and 14 rushing touchdowns as a true freshman in 2017. Dillon had 227 carries, 1,108 rushing yards, 10 rushing touchdowns, 8 receptions, 41 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown in 2018. Dillon has dominated even without Aaron Montiero and Chris Lindstrom.

    Previous Pick: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

  16. New England Patriots: Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin

    New England gets a center that can pass block, run block, and zone block effectively. Someone on the interior who can maintain blocks for 5-7 seconds. Someone who reminds me of Alex Mack coming out of California here. He's a pure center, but he's someone who fills an immediate void if David Andrews re-aggrevates his injury that put him on injured reserve.

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