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Ryan Romero's 2018 NFL Mock Draft

Round 1 Picks 1-16

The 2018 NFL Draft may be the deepest quarterback group in quite some time.

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  1. Cleveland Browns: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    Lamar Jackson the quarterback out of Louisville goes first because he is clearly a winner and someone who will be able to compete to bring a team like the Browns to the next level with over 8,000 passing yards what isn't to like about him he reminds me of what a mobile quarterback should be being a dual threat will help Cleveland and not pressure them to feel the need to improve the offensive line as quickly. He's only 11 passing yards away from reaching 3,500 passing yards for the second year in a row and as long as he plays in Louisville's Bowl game he will hit that benchmark. Lamar is also a lot more accurate on tape this year. I really liked DeShone Kizer last year, but Lamar elevates the Browns to a whole new level and showcases way more big play ability than Kizer.

    Previous Pick: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

  2. New York Giants: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

    Josh Rosen has 9,302 career passing yards, a 62.5% completion rate in 2017, and he is selected here at number 2 because the Cleveland Browns will most likely not draft the correct quarterback especially with a guy like this who has the perfect frame at the 6-foot for 220 lb not to mention he has great pocket awareness and everything that you would want a quarterback to have especially since he has such a good arm and pocket ability to be able to move and adjust with how has blockers play not to mention as many Scouts now he probably has one of the better arms in the draft and is shown that through his strength with many of his passes I also like his ability just to be able to get the chemistry going with his receivers which helped make him have his reads so the leadership is there as well so I really feel like overall he is going to be the safest quarterback to pick next to Baker Mayfield in this draft.

    Previous Pick: Ronnie Harrison, FS, Alabama

  3. San Francisco 49ers: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

    Sequon Barkley the 5'11 228 lb back had the numbers over 3,700 yards, and 1,100 yards in the catching department so to me he is definitely one of the more Elite backs in the draft especially because of his style of running as well so I feel like at this position with this particular team he will be able to help open up many lanes especially since the 49ers ended up getting what they had needed through trade.

    Previous Pick: Mike McGlinchey, RT, Notre Dame

  4. Denver Broncos: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

    Baker Mayfield is picked here while the Broncos quarterback controversy with Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch managed to transform into a quarterback crisis. Mayfield may be the fundamentally sound and consistent quarterback that they need here and it would give them a chance to trade Lynch or Trevor for some more picks if they can get them after all of Denver's quarterbacks disappointed in 2017.

  5. Indianapolis Colts: Quenton Nelson, LG, Notre Dame

    Quenton Nelson gets selected here because he's able to maintain and be a professional blocker he definitely has the strength the skills and everything you want in an interior lineman plus the physical stats are there as well he is a towering monster so he will give protection to any quarterback that will be there in Indianapolis assuming that the Colts don't try and trade away and injury-prone Andrew Luck before time is up.

    Previous Pick: Martez Ivey, LG, Florida

  6. Chicago Bears: Roquan Smith, 3-4 MLB, Georgia

    The Bears need someone on defense that will help create plays for them to get that spirit of Brian Urlacher back which in my opinion was the last time they were even relevant so he would be a great fit here for the Bears.

    Previous Pick: Malik Jefferson, MLB, Texas

  7. Cleveland Browns: Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama

    Cleveland needs a corner to replace Joe Haden. Minkah Fitzpatrick is versatile enough to play field cornerback, boundary cornerback, strong safety, or free safety. He's versatile enough to play anywhere on the secondary and may be this years Marshon Lattimore. That's how well that he can play a defensive back role at either corner or safety.

    I love the way that he is able to read a wide receivers awareness and follow him on his routes is particularly Elite in this draft class as well however that can always change but with the NFL and their style of coaching and the programs that they run with strength and conditioning I think that this particular player will succeed a lot. I'm just worried that Cleveland will possibly ruin a cornerback but watch in 5 years if that is the case he will be one of the most sought-after cornerbacks in Free Agency.

    Previous Pick: Auden Tate, WR, Florida State

  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bradley Chubb, RE, North Carolina State

    One of the more Premier League defensive lineman in this draft chub is going to be great especially with the strength in the awareness that he has on the defensive line he has the ability in the play making capability of potentially becoming one of the next great Lineman by that I mean I'm talking on the Simeon Rice for the Michael Strahan levels on the particular skill I think with the right strength.

    With the right coaching program he could possibly be the next Reggie White but that is definitely a big if and if he stays consistent with everything else which most likely he will because I feel like this kid has a really good ego on his head and we'll be able to succeed well in the NFL with a positive attitude and the many other characteristics that he has off the field to be able to translate that into the NFL he very May well be in our living room was promoting many household products throughout the years because of the reputation.

    Previous Pick: Brian O'Neill, LT, Pittsburgh

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Connor Williams, LT, Texas

    The Bengals are also looking for a way to protect Andy Dalton they stacked up with offensive weapons this past draft on wide receiver and running back so now all they need to do is find a good offensive lineman that can provide the protection to Andy that he needs so he can make the reads to A.J. Green at wide receiver while also finding someone that can pave the running lane for Joe Mixon. Cincinnati has scouted Connor Williams extensively so don't be surprised if Williams comes off the board first even though we have McGlinchey and Okorafor graded slightly higher.

    Previous Pick: Chukwuma Okorafor, LT, Western Michigan

  10. Arizona Cardinals: Arden Key, 3-4 LOLB, LSU

    Arden Key will energize this pass rush next to Chandler Jones. Markus Golden hasn't been able to stay healthy in 2016 and Key is the best overall player on the board which aligns with Arizona's strategy to ignore need and take their top guy on the board.

    Previous Pick: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

  11. New York Jets: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

    The Jets will end up getting Mason Rudolph who will possibly be the next Aaron Rodgers. I think that the Jets may experience a great player however it's going to be a shame that he may not be able to develop into the great player that we want him to be because let's face it the New York Jets are known for not being able to develop players very well and they are a very shaky team when it comes to winning and having any kind of culture to be able to backup a good program so that being said though the raw talent in Aawareness that Mason Rudolph can provide with his play-making ability is too high for him not to fail. Mason Rudolph exceeded 3,500 passing yards once again and his ceiling is too high for the Jets to ignore him here with Josh McCown getting up there in age.

    Previous Pick: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

  12. Washington Redskins: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

    Assuming the Washington Redskins do everything in their power to keep the amazingly God gifted and talented Kirk Cousins inside of their realm they will end up drafting Washington who will finally be able to give a Washington quarterback somebody crate to throw to finally receiver that they haven't seen before which is an elite receiver Washington will be able to carry over a career that will be that of a Terrell Owens or Randy Moss there is no doubt about it that he even elevated the play a little bit of his quarterback Mason Rudolph gets drafted ahead of him and in fact I think this makes him frustrated and even motivates him to play better because he knows that he should have been the better player from that school that is picked so overall I think Washington is going to be one of the more safe wide receivers in the draft especially with his play-making capability he has the ability to truly be a game-changer and elevate Washington to the next level that they finally need to be at in order to put points on the board especially after such disappointing losses that they have had the season when their offense hasn't been able to produce because they have receivers that can't run routes or have the necessary speed that James Washington won't be able to bring.

    Previous Pick: Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State

  13. Miami Dolphins: Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

    The Miami Dolphins are able to select the player out of Stanford that they wanted which was a running back that they weren't able to get last year however this year it is actually going to be running back and not a Outback that is capable of just running the out routes you have Bryce love who actually shows the numbers of running back that you want plus he has a better capability and running style then Christian McCaffrey had had coming out of Stanford so with this particular pick finally Ryan Tannehill gets a character and the player that won't sit there and create such a mockery of the game the way that their previous running back dead before they traded him to Philadelphia which was the perfect City for him to help you with that ego so I think Dolphins fans are finally going to be able to see a hard-working halfback that will be able to motivate and inspire a whole team specially at this particular pick at this High I really think that he is going to be worth it and he is an upgraded version of Christian McCaffrey at the position because he is actually a running back instead of a back that will make a living off of screen routes and being able to catch wheel routes as well especially since he is going to be a different type of back he's going to be a more in between the tackles type of running back which was the huge difference between him coming out of Stanford and his other counterparts.

    Previous Pick: Cameron Smith, MLB, USC

  14. Los Angeles Chargers: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

    Laying up drafting Sam darnold because he is going to be able to have the rocket arm capability that Philip Rivers has and the passion for the game for the most part however he will also continue to bring the risky decision-making that Philip Rivers will bring as well so I think when he comes to grooming to him as quarterback you will be able to see him actually succeed to be the quarterback that everyone wants.

    He was so I think by coming to the San Diego or I should say the Los Angeles Chargers now he will be able to help them rebuild and continue to stay relevant in the AFC West especially with such rising teams is Oakland and Kansas City especially now that it seems as though Denver has been constantly declining out of the playoff picture over the past year and it seems as though that they are on a identity crisis which other teams in the AFC West have been able to take advantage of so I feel like the Chargers will be able to pick Sam Darnold and be able to groom him into the high risk taking Cannon arm capable quarterback that we have all seen at USC + with the Chargers capability and Drafting and scouting they will usually be able to find many high impact players at the wide receiver positions as well so I think that will actually improve Sam Darnold's play in the end making him look like the better player which should have been picked higher when in reality he just needed to be fitted and the right system and groom by the right quarterback in which case Philip Rivers is most ideal person to do that.

    Previous Pick: Arden Key, 3-4 LOLB, LSU

  15. Dallas Cowboys: Derwin James, FS, Florida State

    The Cowboys get James to be able to help improve the secondary especially with up-and-coming quarterbacks that they will be seeing by the Giants who get their quarterback at that particular position drafting this year then you also have the rise of Carson Wentz and then you also have the rise of many other quarterbacks in the NFC such as Case Keenum you also have Drew Brees who will always be playing at a high level then you also have Matt Ryan you also have Russell Wilson and Cam Newton at the moment that's so by being able to draft a secondary and an aggressive player who will be able to play out wide receivers and make them think twice and be able to help stop a quarterback success and be able to help take away that ability to throw deep I think that this will ultimately end up being a great pick for the Cowboys and actually help take them to that next level of especially since they have upgraded their offense so much and have been able to keep it on such a high caliber that finally their defense gets the player that is able to help Elevate them and help Elevate that whole defense keep up with the offense so finally we may actually here Cowboy fans say We Dem Boyz one more time and they actually might be able to get past the first round and actually get a playoff victory for once in their life and actually feel important. Let's face it Byron Jones has played poorly as the Cowboys' 2015 first round pick and Derwin may be the upgrade that the doctor ordered in Dallas.

    Previous Pick: Bradley Chubb, RE, North Carolina State

  16. Oakland Raiders: Mike McGlinchey, RT, Notre Dame

    Oakland never replaced Austin Howard at right tackle. Drafting Mike McGlinchey as a right tackle to compliment Donald Penn, Oakland's All Pro left tackle is an excellent move. Penn can show him the ropes and eventually groom him to take his job at left tackle when he wants to retire.

    The Raiders get mike here which will be great for protecting Derek Carr especially since it seems as though he is quite fragile after getting hurt against this season so at least now they are able to protect their quarterback and help keep him healthy if they are able to do this the Raiders are going to be able to go far in the next couple of years especially since they will have a very strong and self-disciplined offense of lineman that comes out of a great program as well that is been able to constantly develop players on the offense of line so right now the Raiders are in a great position with this particular pick because they get value as well because they don't need to have to trade down or up to be able to get what they need at the offense of line so right now at this spot he makes the most logical sense.

    He will be able to give Derek Carr the necessary time that he will need to be able to get protected on it is left side or his right side I truly believe that this particular player is going to be able to know less be a guard especially because of his size so if he does fail at being a left tackle or right tackle if they do choose to move him there that he will definitely be able to be an offense of lineman on the card position so ultimately the Raiders got a very safe to take with this particular spot.

    Previous Pick: Mitch Hyatt, LT, Clemson

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