Draft Order MLS: 2017 MLS Draft Order 1. Minnesota United F.C. (Expansion Team), 2. Atlanta United F.C. (Expansion Team), 3. Chicago Fire 7-17-10 31 points, 4. Houston Dynamo 7-14-13 34 points, 5. Columbus Crew S.C. 8-14-12 36 points, 6. San Jose Earthquakes 8-12-14 38 points, 7. Vancouver Whitecaps 10-15-9 39 points, 8. Atlanta United F.C. (from Orlando City S.C.) 9-11-14 41 points, 9. Columbus Crew S.C. (from New England Revolution) 11-14-9 42 points, 10. Portland Timbers 12-14-8 44 points, 11. Chicago Fire (from Philadelphia Union) 11-14-9 42 points, 12. D.C. United 11-10-13 46 points, 13. Real Salt Lake 12-12-10 46 points, 14. Sporting Kansas City 13-13-8 34 points, 15. Colorado Rapids (from Los Angeles Galaxy) 12-6-16 52 points, 16. Seattle Sounders (from New York City F.C.) 15-10-9 54 points, 17. New York Red Bulls 16-9-9 57 points, 18. F.C. Dallas 17-8-9 60 points, 19. Montreal Impact 11-11-12 45 points, 20. (from Colorado Rapids) 15-6-13 58 points, 21. Toronto F.C. 14-9-11 53 points, 22. Seattle Sounders 14-14-6 48 points

2017 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 4 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 12-22

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 13, 2017 with updates every Friday leading up to Draft Day.

  1. D.C. United: Julian Gressel, M, Providence

    Providence captain Julian Gressel is 6-1 185 lbs. Gressel has an excellent soccer IQ along with the offensive and defensive awareness to play in the MLS.

    Gressel was a co captain in 2015. This year Gressel has 15 goals, 6 assists, and 36 points in 21 games. Gressel helped Providence upset unbeaten Maryland as well as beat Creighton to make the final 8 in the 2016 College Cup.

    Gressel was a third round prospect at the beginning of the season and in the middle of the season, but he's played so well during the College Cup, that he is now a first round pick.

    Gressel showed the versatility to play left wing, right wing, attacking midfielder, and defensive midfielder. D.C. United will probably make last years first round pick Julian Buescher their attacking midfielder moving forward while Gressel moves to a wing role. I really want D.C. United to get a goal scoring forward, but I just get this feeling they end up taking a winger for depth here.

    Previous Pick: Brian Wright, F, Vermont

  2. Real Salt Lake: Walker Hume, D, North Carolina

    Real Salt Lake adds some youth at center back. The 6-5 203 lb Walker Hume is a pure defensive center back. Hume dominated in 2014, but suffered a season ending injury in 2015 which kept him from getting a Generation Adidas offer. Walker Hume helped North Carolina record 13 shutouts in 2016 without Jonathan Campbell solidifying his status as a first round pick plus he has 4 goals, 4 assists, and 12 points in 2016 finally showing his offensive potential this season. Real Salt Lake also drafted Boyd Okwuonu and Omar Holness out of North Carolina as well.

  3. Sporting Kansas City: Brandon Aubrey, D, Notre Dame

    The 6-3 193 lb Brandon Aubrey was a guy I hyped up in the middle of the season because I loved his ability to play anywhere. Jacori Hayes got a goal on Aubrey in the ACC Championship plus Aubrey got benched at the 2017 MLS Combine. I had Aubrey as my top ranked player at one point back in November, but right now I'm thinking he could drop to Sporting Kansas City before they pounce on him and decide to be patient by developing him. Teams like Sporting Kansas City and Seattle Sounders do this every year where they get the best player on their board and end up making teams who traded with them look like idiots.

    I do have a lot of info about Aubrey. I'm going to save it though for my 2017 MLS Draft Results special tomorrow since I have a feeling Aubrey is gonna slide in tomorrow's Super Draft.

    Previous Pick: Julian Gressel, M, Providence

  4. Colorado Rapids: Brian Wright, F, Vermont

    The Colorado Rapids need to take a forward here. The 6-1 195 lb Brian Wright had 6 goals, 3 assists, and 15 points as a freshman in 2013. In 2014, Wright had 9 goals, 3 assists, and 21 points. Wright had 10 goals, 7 assists, and 27 points in 2015. So far this season, Wright has 14 goals, 12 assists, and 40 points in 2016.

    Brian Wright has the kicking power and kicking accuracy on tape to be an effective striker. He's really developed as a passer this year to the point where he may be versatile enough to move to left wing or right wing. Vermont's striker from Ajax, Ontario is a very patient player that remains calm under pressure.

    Brian Wright looks like a back half first round pick at this point. Most have him in the 19-22 range, but I think he's a perfect scheme fit for Colorado with D.C. United leaning towards a winger instead at 12. Colorado is rumored to be interested in moving up for Abu Danladi, and Brian Wright is the only first round striker at this point. Colorado should have taken Fabian Herbers last year, but they can atone for their decision by adding Brian Wright at 15.

    Previous Pick: Christian Thierjung, F, California

  5. Seattle Sounders: Chris Odoi-Atsem, D, Maryland

    Seattle takes the best player available. The Seattle Sounders take Chris Odoi-Atsem at 16 who is being hyped up as a top 5 pick. Maryland did have a perfect season leading up to the 2017 College Cup with 0 losses in regulation. The irony is they lost to Providence 5-4 in the round of 32. Odoi-Atsem had a poor motor against UCLA and still had a poor motor against Providence.

    Chris Odoi-Atsem has the versatility to play left back, center back, right back, or defensive midfielder. Chris Odoi-Atsem helped Maryland record 5 shutouts on defense in 2016 and Odoi-Atsem is more of a player who you develop rather than a guy who can start right away like Dunk. That's my reasoning for mocking him this late in the first round and if you don't like you can check out the other Draft sites we linked right below our chat room where you can provide your input on draft picks.

    Previous Pick: Lalas Abubakar, D, Dayton

  6. New York Red Bulls: Colton Storm, D, North Carolina

    The New York Red Bulls has the luxury of taking the best player available. Colton Storm is the best player available at this spot.

    Colton Storm lined up at right back in 2015 when North Carolina had Jordan McCrary at left back. This year Storm played left back as well with McCrary in the MLS and Storm has the versatility to play both outside back roles. The 5-11 166 lb outside back can play both left back and right back. He complimented McCrary on both sides in 2015 as well. Storm is the best player available at 17 and I honestly like him a lot better than Chris Odoi-Atsem who I have going at 16 just because I dislike his motor.

    Previous Pick: Nate Regis, F, Pfeiffer

  7. F.C. Dallas: Jordan Wilson, D, Kentucky

    F.C. Dallas adds a center back at 18. Kentucky center back Jordan Wilson is 6-3 173 lbs and is born in Scotland. Wilson helped Kentucky record 9 shutouts in 2016. Wilson helped Kentucky get shutouts over Louisville and New Mexico making him quite the talented center back. Wilson gave emerging first round prospect Niko Hansen problems earlier on tape this season plus he discussed defensive formations that Kentucky ran after the win over New Mexico so he has an extremely high soccer IQ. Most scouts believe Wilson is a first round pick based on his tape in 2016. You can also make a case for Washington's Justin Schmidt, but I'm leaning Wilson here with his soccer IQ on tape.

    Previous Pick: Jacori Hayes, M, Wake Forest

  8. Montreal Impact: Zeiko Lewis, M, Boston College

    Montreal goes with the best player available. Zeiko Lewis a midfielder/forward is a good wing player and the best player available at this pick despite only having 7 goals as a senior after only having 8 goals in 2015. Lewis has excellent speed, dribbling, kicking power, and kicking accuracy. His awareness needs to improve as Lewis was exposed against Albany's defense on tape. At the same time, Lewis made up for that by using his speed to get by Miles Robinson on tape at the 2017 MLS Combine and most agree Robinson is the top center back in this years Super Draft so Lewis probably will go in the back half of the first round now.

    Previous Pick: Adonijah Reid, F, ANB Academy

  9. New England Revolution: Justin Schmidt, D, Washington

    New England is rumored to be interested in trading up for Miles Robinson. If the Revolution cannot land Robinson they will get a center back at some point later in the draft. The 6-1 180 lb Justin Schmidt is the top center back at this point.

  10. Toronto F.C.: Adonijah Reid, F, ANB Academy

    Adonijah Reid can play forward or midfielder after the 5-9 155 lb player played for ANB Academy in Canada. He weighed in at 5-5 instead of 5-9 and I honestly see him as more of a second round pick than a first round prospect. I could easily see him falling to the second round, but I could also see Toronto locking him up at 21.

    Previous Pick: Francis de Vries, D, Saint Francis

  11. Seattle Sounders: Daniel Johnson, M, Louisville

    The Seattle Sounders have the luxury of taking the best player available. Daniel Johnson is the top player on the board at this point.

    Daniel Johnson is 5-9 140 lbs. Johnson had 5 goals, 0 assists, and 10 points in 2015. In 2016, Johnson had 2 goals, 5 assists, nad 9 points. Johnson has really improved as a passer on tape in 2016. Johnson lived in England from 2009-2012. Johnson played at Maryland for two seasons before transferring to Louisville as a starter. Sure he may not have been a consistent scorer in College, but he played so well at the 2017 MLS Combine, that I think a team like Seattle will look to add him at 16 or 22 depending on what is there.

    Previous Pick: Guillermo Delgado, F, Delaware

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